21 October, 2015

Hana Dining + Sake Bar: Autumn Menu (花酒蔵) @ Sunway Pyramid

Let's bring the Japanese sake drinking culture to the next level!

Hana Dining & Sake Bar has been a popular chill-out place lately especially for Japanese Sake lovers. Currently it offers more than 50 types of sake and sochu cocktails, along with other alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine. 

Junmai Daiginjo Hua Chiu Tsang by the world-renowned Shirataki Sake Brewery
Exclusively available at Hana only. Best enjoyed with appetizer, sashimi, seafood and grilled items.

Enjoy your sip at the Izakaya bar along with electrifying music playing in background.

Separated from the bar area, I notice that the dining section exudes a total different ambiance. Here you can sit back, relax and enjoy the wide range of Japanese fusion delights from Hana's latest Autumn Menu. Interestingly, it is a combination of 60% Japanese, 20% Taiwanese and 20% Western flavours. 

The freshness of seafood here is never in doubt. Air-flown twice a week from Japan and Europe, the sashimi grade seafood is kept at its freshest state. Seasonal fishes are available upon request (Reservation is highly recommended)


Ikakyuri (霜降中捲佐黄瓜) @ RM25

To begin our feast at Hana, we are first served with the signature platter of chewy squid stuffed with Taiwanese-styled preserved cucumber. Dubbed as a popular snack in Taiwan, I personally love the combination of sweet Japanese crab meat and refreshing crunch of the cucumber.

Gyuniku no Tataki Kannkitsu Sauce (柚香澳洲牛肉) @ RM30
Tender and juicy rare Australian beef served with house-made citrus sauce.

Tsuke Shiro Maguro (橄榄蒜香腌白鲔鱼) @ RM25

The chef's creation, white tuna marinated with olive oil, garlic and special ingredients, is my personal favourite as it has just the right amount of fats that melt perfectly in the mouth with oceanic freshness.

Age Kabocha Tofu (南瓜豆腐) @ RM8

Coated with a soft deep-fried skin, the golden-brown tofu is filled with sweet and dense pumpkin,
creating a texture close to chewy Japanese mochi.

Definitely a must-try if you love something falling on the sweeter side!

Shake Kawa Salada (香脆鲑鱼皮沙拉) @ RM25 

Moving on to the salads, we have a great time digging into the bowl of crispy salmon skin salad with flying fish roes and chef's special sauce. Recommended for sharing, but trust me, you'd want to wipe it out all by yourself because it is so addictive! 

Age Gobo no Honey Mustard Sauce (牛蒡沙拉) @ RM20

Another healthy option will be the Fried Burdock Salad in Honey Mustard sauce, topped with tomato, avocado and prawns. In case you're wondering, burdock is a fibre-loaded vegetable, very mild in flavour but is pleasantly crunchy after being shredded into tiny slices and deep-fried.

Hi Wo Tsuketa Shake Maki (鲑鱼火焰卷) @ RM28

First timers must try Hana's best-selling Salmon Roll on Fire! Upon serving, the sushi is torched right in front of us. The smoky aroma, melty texture on the outside and raw freshness inside, when combined, is definitely a winning taste!

Best served within seconds after it is torched, to ensure the maximum enjoyment of the aroma and texture!

Spicy no Maguro Maki (辣鲔鱼卷) @ RM20
Cucumber sushi roll topped with spicy tuna, fish roes and special sauce

Hawaiian Shake Harasu Maki (夏威夷风情卷) @ RM33

Another chef's special creation which I'd recommend is the Hawaiian Sushi Roll. I can happily skip the rice, because it is replaced with fresh salmon belly. Accompanied by tempura prawn, flying fish roe, cucumber and avocado, each bite is so soft and crunchy that I have to keep going for more!

The premium salmon trout used here is worth a mention, as Hana has gone a step further to use only the best from Norway. Hence, you can expect salmons here to be more vibrant in color. 

Hirame No Engawa Roast (鰭边肉握) @ RM10 each

The Roasted Flounder Flesh Nigiri sushi is kind of shocking in terms of price. But here we are paying for the good quality of food; Nothing beats the satisfaction when the soft, flaky moist fish melts in the mouth with rich, savoury taste. 

The next dish comes as a surprise to me as Hana's Master Chef Thomas skillfully boils the raw golden threadfin bream in front of us. I bet the customers from the next table will be tempted to order this too, as the aroma of the boiling broth is too delicious to resist.

Itoyori No Nitsuke @ RM150

Thick and meaty, the fish is cooked into perfection with well-infused flavours from the soy sauce, vinegar and ginger soup. Indeed very well-executed and I truly enjoy the succulent and moist white flesh!

Gindara Sakamushi (清酒蒸鳕鱼汤) @ RM39

Being a house of sake, Hana also infuses its dishes with alcohol, for instance the steamed cod fish is served in sake and bonito flake broth. Rich and flavourful, every sip of the broth is so divine and warms the stomach.

Hana Kushi no Moriawase (花综合串烧) @ RM33

For those who are feeling thirsty, Hana's assorted grilled yakitori is a great complement to Japanese sake. It is individually sold from RM7 to RM10 each, but on a platter you'd get to try each of the 5 types available-- Grilled chicken and shiso on skewer, asparagus wrapped with ham, minced chicken skewer, diced sirloin and leek with miso paste. 

Tofu Chizukeki (豆腐芝士蛋糕) @ RM9

Putting a sweet end note to our sumptuous meal, we have the house specialty tofu cheesecake which is simply soft and airy like those in Japanese version. Very smooth yet not overly heavy in cheesiness as it is added with refreshing hints of lemon.

If after-meal sake is not your cup of tea, Hana serves a wide range of cocktails that are equally creative and worth trying!

1. A great venue for casual drinkers, parties, family gatherings and business affairs.
2. Thumbs up to the creatively crafted dishes that suit our Asian tastebuds. 
3. Quality and taste wise, I have no complaints at all, but be prepared to spend around RM50 per pax for an enjoyable meal here. 
4. Recommended: Salmon Roll on Fire, Hawaiian Sushi Roll, Cod in Sake Soup

Hana Dining + Sake Bar 花酒蔵
(Opposite Kim Gary)
Sunway Pyramid Mall,
OB2.G.U1, Oasis Boulevard,
Ground Floor,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway,
47500 Petaling Jaya,
Reservation: +603-5624 0888
Website: www.hanadining.com
Facebook: fb.com/hanafusionbar
Instagram: @hanadiningsakebar
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