19 October, 2015

Review: POBLING Mini Ion Applicator from Hermo.my

People often say, "To stay beautiful, one cannot be lazy". But in this post, I gonna prove them wrong with the latest tool I got from Korean via www.hermo.my!

Sometimes after cleansing and toning, I must admit that I am lazy to massage the face when applying facial moisturizer or night cream. But with this Pobling Mini Ion Applicator, I can now save the hassle and let this mini tool does the job.

How It Works

Cosmetics nourishment should permeate into the skin to have a revitalizing effect, but most of them cannot be absorbed by the skin due to the multiple skin layers. Fortunately, Pobling Mini Ion Applicator (Direct Link: HERE) uses Galvanic Ion with vibration to help deeper absorption of cosmetic nutrients into the skin.

It's very simple to use, just 3 steps in your daily skin care regime:

Step 1. Apply products onto the skin.
Step 2. Hold the handle and gently rub or press the head onto your face with skincare product applied, and allow it to vibrate. It will give a steady, direct galvanic current of positive and negative ions through your skin.
Step 3. Massage from outside to inside for 5 minutes.

The pointy tip makes it more reachable to certain small areas-- Perfect for forehead, cheek and nose.

To me, it is a great 5-minute skincare tool that I should have gotten it way earlier because it is so nice to use! I mean, where else can I find such a lightweight and small-sized tool that can effectively increase the absorbing power of product nutrients?

Also, I find that it works extraordinary well with face ampoules. Most of the time, ampoule is too liquid, and dries off easily. So when I use it with the applicator, the liquid can be absorbed into skin more quickly.

After use, cleaning is easy and quick, just by using dry cloth or wet tissue. You can also remove the AAA battery when it is not in used. But remember, do not use it in shower as it is not waterproof. Nevertheless, I love how lightweight and small it is like a pen! 

Verdict: Overall, the functionality of Pobling Mini Ion Applicator is pretty decent for such affordable price. It is more efficient and hygienic than applying skincare products with your bare hands. Plus, I'd definitely fit it into my luggage bag during my next vacation! 

1. Cheap and effective.
2. Easy to use and convenient for travelling.
3. No maintenance required, just basic cleansing.

1. No button to turn on and off. Automatic vibration by touching.
2. Not waterproof.

Thank you Hermo for being the first to bring it in from Seoul, Korea. It retails at RM85, but Hermo is having promotional price of RM68 for this October 2015, so it's time to grab yours now at www.hermo.my! Stay beautiful, lovelies.
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