14 October, 2015

Kiehl's Store of The Future: Newly Revamped Concept

Does Kiehl's store at KLCC look different to you?

If you are a regular shopper there, you'd notice they have just relocated its store to a larger space (Same goes to Kiehl's store in Sunway Pyramid!). This is the first Kiehl's Store of The Future, a brand new concept store that is revamped recently. 

What's in Kiehl's Store of The Future?

The name by itself already sounds cool, isn't it? While some of the brick elements are still retained, majority parts of the store are given a facelift, to better serve the customers. But seriously before this, the service at Kiehl's is already SUPER good! You can just walk in, consult the staff, get free samples and try at home... 

But now...customers can enjoy even MORE! ❤ The products arrangement is now more organized, making it easy for us to grab what we need for the skin, hair, and body. Plus, the decors look very appealing right? 

With larger space in-store, it can now accommodate long marble table and product testing bar (Exclude the food ya!) so that you can have a more thorough skin consultation session with the experts there. 

Does it sound very cozy and relaxing? Well, to me, it's definitely a YES!  Where else can you find such a beauty store that allows you to take your time, try the stuff and decide whether it suits you later?

I love the store's concept and design-- Simple but so functional and detailed.

 Not forgetting to mention, you can have your very own DIY Scent Pouch here for free.
Just refer to my previous blog post for more details on Kiehl's natural botanics.

Pre-packed gift sets are available here, but if you don't like them this way...

...You can always customize it from the types of products to be included into the gift set, to the complimentary packaging itself!

From being a blogger who reviews Kiehl's products, I am also a happy customer of this brand myself. As much as Kiehl's values the customers, I personally value the effective products and amazing level of customer service here. Malaysia will definitely be a better place if more outlets can offer such impeccable services to customers. 

Thank you KIEHL'S for having me.  Don't forget to visit the nearest Kiehl's store now!

Twitter: @myKiehls
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