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01 November, 2015

Hello Kitty in OZ @ Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya, Johor

Imma happy kid being in this dreamland! 

Fans of Hello Kitty will rejoice as Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Puteri Harbour, Nusajaya, Johor has just added a new iconic attraction-- Hello Kitty in Oz (The Lost Chapter) in celebrating the 41st anniversary of Hello Kitty, the global icon this year.

I believe you have heard of this place, but if you haven't, it is actually the very first Sanrio Hello Kitty Town themed attraction in the world outside of Japan, which officially opened its doors since 2012. 

Do you remember The Wonderful Wizard of Oz? This magical storyline is now adapted into our adventure, with Hello Kitty being our very Great Witch of Oz to save Oz from the total destruction due to the malfunction of Emerald City Machine.

During our media preview night, Mr. Fahruddin Najumudeen, General Manager of Sanrio
Hello Kitty Town was there with us, being as excited as all of us over this new attraction.

The land of magic and mystery at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town is now filled with loads of Oz Wizards.

Now let's help the Great Witch to complete her magical quest alongside her brave heroes--
the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion

 It should read, "Lost Chapter" :P

Taking on a journey as a hero myself at the world of Oz, I was given The Great Wizard
and exclusive limited edition Hello Kitty in OZ wizard hat. Cuteness overload!

I am totally in love with this place; Every nook and corner within the Hello Kitty In Oz is SO picture-worthy! Truly appreciate the elaborated efforts of the team who set up this wonderland that provides ample space for photo opportunities.

There are also various games for you to try on and save Oz from destruction.
Let me reveal a little bit about the first game: Wood Factory; Just chop off the logs!

.....but even the axe itself is super adorable; Can I bring it home? 

Corn House-- that's where you make your corn comes out tasty, bright and golden.

I think I shouldn't reveal too much of the behind-the-scenes,
you should come and check it out yourself!

At the end of the adventure, we are required to return the Great Witch toy to the check-out counter and see our result!

Ah, I lost in one of the challenges :( But they still reward me with a Hello Kitty postcard that marks my achievement.

"Oz World Alley"-- a special Hello Kitty in Oz retail shop

Exclusively available at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, the Oz-themed limited edition collectible merchandises are aplenty and you can't get them anywhere else. I want the cute Hello Kitty Witch Wizard plush toy which is wearing the mini wizard hat filled with lots of goodies!!

*super happy* YAY! We manage to complete the challenge!

1. Overall, Hello Kitty in Oz is an amazing new attraction that excites all of us, be it young and old.
2. Personally, I feel like being transported to childhood here as I am a huge fan of Hello Kitty. It'd definitely be a great place for your kids, and enjoy the family bonding time.
3. Reason to visit: Amazing Hello Kitty experience, plus infectious happiness for the family and friends 

Sanrio Hello Kitty town is located strategically in Puteri Harbour, just a 20-minute drive from Malaysia-Singapore Second Link and 25 minutes away from Senai International Airport. If you wanna enjoy to the fullest, don't forget to visit Legoland Malaysia Resort, which is only 10 minutes away, with free shutter bus provided here! 

Wanna know what happened at the rest of the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town?
Stay tuned for my upcoming blog post! 

xoxo, FiSh

Sanrio Hello Kitty Town
Persiaran Puteri Selatan,
Puteri Harbour,
79000 Nusajaya,
Johor, Malaysia.
Operating Hours: 10am to 6pm daily
To purchase tickets, visit


  1. i lost at the first challenge but passed the wood chopping! XD
    Really like the plushie but so expensive *sobs*

  2. What a colouful wonderland. Wish I could go there one day!

  3. Wah everything so kawaii! I want to goooo! T.T How much are the entrance tickets babe?

  4. hello kitty and friends are sweet and you look more kawaii. great event at happening place.

  5. most of gal like ~ Hello Kitty !! wish to visit it too!

  6. Pretty pictures! Seems like a good place to take lots of photos accompanied by Hello Kitty hehe. Now Johor has another main attraction besides Legoland hehe.

  7. Awwww this place is so lovely, I might be going there next month. Hopefully it will not be that pack.

  8. I lost the first challenge when I became stupid and tried to do it on my own without instructions... LOL

  9. I know everyone will become the little one again in this wonderland. Who doesn't right?
    Lucky you to have been invited and enjoyed the park.

  10. Nice meeting u up on that day. I really love the place too. Will bring my daughter there too as she love Hello Kitty.

  11. Such a beautiful place, wish I can visit it with my family and take ery nice picture there! Great sharing babe <3

  12. This place is full of wonders and colorful design of Hello Kitty! Can't wait for your next post ler >.< So many pretty nice photos you take there hehe!

  13. ahem ahem.. so nice that you got invited to the hello kitty experience <3 I don't really like hello kitty but then I want to go there and take a lot of pictures and also play the games as well <3 ^^

  14. Miaow...i love Hello Kitty and I enjoy it on that day. You took a lot of nice picture.


  16. weh, the photos here so vibrant, colourful and bright la. Very very nicely taken and narrated. Hello kitty, wonderland for everybody.

  17. you are just suited to be hello kitty ambassador, i think i know that you love hello kitty really a lot right?

  18. This is so cute! I like your photos! So natural!~

  19. Awh this place is seriously adorable Fish. Love the photos, it looks like you had such fun!


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