03 November, 2015

Golden Corner Seafood Restaurant (好望角海鲜餐馆) @ Semenyih

One of the popular eatery-dense areas which I seldom explore is definitely the Kajang / Semenyih town. During my weekend visit here, I've found a hidden gem that serves good Chinese dishes at a very reasonable price tag. You can easily fill your stomach to the brim for less than RM20 per pax. 

The interior looks very posh as if I have just entered a high-end Chinese eatery. The evening crowd starts to flood in as early as 5pm! We arrived around 6pm and the dining area on the ground level was almost fully occupied. But no worries, there are more seats on the second floor. 

Sauna Kampong Chicken (桑拿鸡) @ RM68.00

First timers must try out the signature steamed chicken served in a large claypot. It is cooked with the herbal soup itself for 15 minutes, upon serving. The minute we open the lid, the space is filled with strong herbal aroma. And the chicken beautifully retains its original flavour when served on a bed of sweet pumpkin.

You may choose to distribute the meat among yourselves, then remove the lid because something awesome is in the claypot! The soup is extra flavourful and packed with rich essence from the chicken and Chinese herbs. This dish is highly recommended, especially during rainy cold days. 

Claypot Beancurd with Vegetables (瓦煲豆腐) @ RM12.00

My next favourite goes to the homemade beancurd served in a mini claypot with plenty of mushrooms, vegetables and sliced chicken. The beancurd is a winning taste itself because of its silky smooth texture that is different from the usual commercial type. I love the thick gravy that doesn't feel too starchy for my liking.

Fried Lotus with Macadamia Nuts (夏果小炒皇) @ RM12.00

Simple yet comforting dishes are just as great, to go along with a steaming hot bowl of rice. I am surprised by its generous application of macadamia nuts in this dish. The deep-fried dried shredded squid is a nice addition to the dish because of its extra punch of savoury taste and crunchy texture. 

Stir-Fried Vegetables with Garlic (清炒本地菜) @ RM10.00

I guess you probably can't find any vegetable dish at RM10 elsewhere in KL right? Well, my family is not huge meat lover, so most of the dishes we order are healthier and fuss-free.

Total Damage: RM115.50 for 6 pax
1. Overall, it is a pretty decent Chinese restaurant that is great for family gatherings. 
2. Ambiance wise, this restaurant is very hygienic and not as noisy as other similar places, but the best part is that it is worth every penny you pay for the food and ambiance! 
3. Recommended: Sauna Kampong Chicken 

Golden Corner Seafood
1, Jalan 1/3,
Seksyen 1,
Bandar Teknologi Kajang,
43500 Semenyih,
Contact: 603-8724 9466

Disclaimer: Sorry for the poor photo quality, because they were taken using mobile phone.
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