11 December, 2015

What To Wear: Bridemaids' Dilemma

Have you ever experienced this: When you log on to Facebook nowadays, it seems that almost everybody you know is getting engaged or getting married. And you start to wonder if you are ready for such commitment?

Well, before that, I think every girl should have a chance to be a bridesmaid and enjoy the moment with your best girl friends, before getting married yourself. Whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid, it is equally important to celebrate the joy together and make it a memorable occasion.

As for me, I had done this honorable task once, during my Sis' wedding :)

Don't you adore this Champagne Lace Ribbons Column Short Bridesmaid Dress?

I must admit that the most headache part is what to wear during the big day to match with other bridesmaids! Short or long dress? Light or dark color? What is the theme that the bride has set?

If you are the bride-to-be, and need some guidelines for the Bridesmaid Dresses, then I hope this will be useful for you!

 Spaghetti Straps V-neck Chiffon Ruffles Dresses in Pastel Shades

I am not sure about you but I prefer pastel colors for the bridesmaids' outfits to fit into a dreamy wedding theme, especially for garden weddings or outdoor photoshoots. I came across this chiffon ruffles long dress from Pickweddingdresses and I'm totally in love with them especially the design C, with sweet baby blue tone and beautiful details at the back.

Sweetheart Chiffon Short Ruffles Light Sky Blue Dresses

For a touch of elegance, turquoise will do a great job. It creates a contrast to the white wedding gown, and hence every picture you take with the girls will make you a standout! I'd say it is considered a "safe" color for all ages, even your little flower girl can turn into a little princess when dressed in this sweet-looking color. 

Pink Sheath Sweetheart Chiffon Pleats Bridesmaid Dresses

Sometimes simple tube dresses can look so elegant as long as it comes with little details that attract every guest of the day. Plus, chiffon and lace materials always work best to bring out the femininity during this special occasion.

One Shoulder Casual Satin Tulle Knee-length Bow Bridesmaid Dress
Tulle skirt is cute for young bridemaids too!

Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Burgundy Lace Short Bridesmaid Dress

I don't usually go for bold colours, but look how stunning the picture is! I think 10 years down the road I might change my mind, because maroon exudes a sense of maturity and class, perfect for the big day. Would you pick this as well? 

Don't forget to match them with nude heels and you're ready to go!

Anyway these are just some of my favourite picks that I'd love to share with you :) However, just some tips for the bride--- Be sure that the bridesmaids don't overdress themselves as it will overshadow you on your very big day.

Have you been a bridesmaid or looking forward to being one?
Share your thoughts with me!


  1. Never had the chance to play bridesmaid... huhuh but these dresses are just soooooo amazing...

  2. agree, i prefer pastel color for bridesmaid dress :) I hope can made it someday


  3. Now I guess it's gonna be an easy peasy one for ur own one! :P ehehehehe

  4. wow they are so pretty dresses.Now with internet we can check online on how to dress up.

  5. Normally people will choose those pastel bridemaid dresses which is quite common. =)

  6. Best is wear football jersey... always suitable for any occasion. :p

  7. I love the pastel colour bridesmaid dress! They are so cute and sweet

  8. I love the Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Burgundy Lace Short Bridesmaid Dress
    look more classy ! hehehe

  9. i love maroon as i'm a typical Chinese :p hahaha. somehow it just brings me the feeling of hope and happiness.

  10. Selecting bridemaids dress is a nightmare for me.

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  12. Tulle skirt looks great for young bridemaids. They look so happy wearing it.

  13. Those dresses looks gorgeous! Quite versatile looking that you can easily re-wear them as dinner or prom dresses without people suspecting it was a bridesmaid dress lol!

  14. These dresses look awesome! I think that some people can carry them off on other formal occasions too - not necessarily during a wedding.

  15. Pretty dresses! I think most of these dresses can find on Taobao :P That is where most of my friends get our bridemaids dresses from :P

  16. I never been bridemaids before, but those dresses are so beautiful, hope I can wear it in the future ><

  17. Looks so sweet. I am going to be a brides maid end of this month. unfortunately its jeans and tshirt as the bridesmaids clothes... sad...

  18. cant wait to see u wear bridesmead dresses. remember to show us ok

  19. phew.. guys have it easier.. haha. :)

    lovely dresses on this post fish.

  20. I love all the bridemaids dress! I love pastel color too really sweet and romantic color for wedding =D

  21. I like the Sweetheart Chiffon Short Ruffles Light Sky Blue Dresses its very versatile, can even wear it to parties.

  22. Didn't know about this website until I read your post, will bookmark this for my shopping reference :)

  23. I super love the One Shoulder Casual Satin Tulle Knee-length Bow Bridesmaid Dress!!!!

  24. Just a right post for me! My friends and I are currently searching for pastel color dress for the bridesmaid. And it's so hard to decide. Well, you just gave me some idea to suggest on. Heee :D

  25. Sweet brides! You maybe plan to marry soon? :D Hehe I see their website so very nice! :D

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