30 December, 2015

Restaurant Soft Shell Crab Specialist (亚洲软壳蟹皇) @ Seri Kembangan

Fresh seafood is common in KL/PJ, but good quality ones require a little bit of hunting. If you are craving for some live seafood with unique preparation methods, then Soft Shell Crab Specialist Restaurant outside The Mines Shopping Mall is the right place to go.

The restaurant has many aquariums for our friends from the sea. The seafood are all alive, and you can choose which one you want from the aquarium itself. The owner of this Chinese restaurant even has his own aquafarm in Sabah to rear soft shell crabs. Therefore, only the mature and high quality crustaceans are transported to KL for our enjoyment. 

It definitely sets a high expectation on the quality of soft shell crabs here :)

Like most Chinese restaurants, there are 3 dining sections here --- Private rooms (For reservation only), main dining hall with air-conditioning, and outdoor al-fresco dining.

Chef's Special Soft Shell Crab (茶具软壳蟹)

First timers must try the signature soft shell crabs here, served crisp in golden brown perfection, along with mini cups of salad and a Chinese pot of secret sauce. The beautiful presentation further lifts up my expectation towards this dish. 

Just pour a cup onto your own plate, top it with a piece of soft shell crab and drizzle with the sweet tangy sauce, and enjoy it at one bite. Once entered into the mouth, the combination explodes with a nice refreshing tang and crunchiness. The balance of flavour and texture is simply perfect. 

Steamed Prawns in Chinese Herbs (堂煲草虾)

Another fresh seafood dish that is equally noteworthy is the pot of prawns steamed in a herbal broth loaded with Angelica Sinensis (当归), chilli, ginger, and wolfberries. It is cooked in a flat pot in front of customers for 10-15 minutes before the aluminium foil is removed and served to diners.

This dish allows us to savour the true freshness of the prawn,
along with a nice spicy kick that is well-infused through the shells.

Steamed Chicken (葫芦吊水鸡)

To complement our seafood dinner, we order a whole bird, marinated and cooked in a traditional method that is more time-consuming but the result is indeed not disappointing at all. Unlike the usual steamed or salt-baked chicken, this is slowly steamed using the vapour of boiling Chinese herbal broth. 

Under high-heat slow cooking, it yields more aromatic, herb-infused meat with smooth, fluffy texture and the moisture of the chicken is well-retained. Highly recommended! 

Signature Braised Claypot Pork Leg (招牌沙煲猪手)

Our porky dish is also tummy-comforting and good to go with a steaming bowl of white rice as the sticky caramelized sauce coats each tender slab of slow-cooked pork leg very well. Every piece is so heavenly, as it melts perfectly in the mouth!

Stir-fried Kailan with Hong Kong Preserved Veggies (招牌梅菜炒港芥兰)

As for the vegetable, this is another chef's recommended dish-- Tender crisp Chinese broccoli pairs well with sweet preserved veggies to exude an extra savoury punch with slight spicy finish on the palate. Delicious!

Claypot Beggar Rice (生煲乞丐饭)

Looking at the name of the rice dish, it sounds very interesting. But what excites me is the combination of rice with soft egg white bits, spring onions and loads of crispy pork lard. 

Usually it is served individually in mini claypots, but due to time factor, we have everything cooked in a huge claypot. Nevertheless, the flavour of crispy pork lard lends a delicious aroma to the overall dish. It could be better if the rice can be cooked a little longer to give more crispiness to the rice bits. 

Here's a map to guide you to the restaurant :)

1. Overall, the seafood here is very well-known for its freshness and unique way of cooking, created by the award-winning chef here.
2. Recommended dishes: Chef's Special Soft Shell Crab, Claypot Beggar Rice
3. Reason to visit: Fresh live seafood (especially soft shell crab) at affordable price

Restaurant Soft Shell Crab Specialist (亚洲软壳蟹皇) 
Lot G-01, 
The Heritage Village,
Jalan SB Dagang,
43300 Seri Kembangan,
Contact: 03-8953 0321 / 016-262 2238
Business Hours: 11am-11pm daily
Facebook: fb.com/Soft-Shell-Crab-Specialist
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