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21 December, 2015

Wesley's Wild Honey @ Damansara Uptown, PJ

Hello! Crispy waffles, anyone?
Special thanks to for the invitation, I am here at Wesley's for some soul-comforting honey and food!

Wesley's Wild Honey is definitely not the ordinary cafe where you can hop by for coffee and desserts. In fact, it is a cafe gallery where you can enjoy specialized healthy beverages and desserts paired with its signature Premium Tualang Honey

Wesley’s Tropical Wild Honey – Premium Tualang is 100% raw, natural and unprocessed honey, harvested by Giant Rock Bees, the world biggest bee species from the tropical rain forest in Peninsular Malaysia. Known as the purest form honey, it brings various benefits to us due to its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-viral features.

Don't belittle the wild honey; Its proven healing properties include enhancing immune system, boosting energy, relieving cough and flu, beautifying skin, reducing the risks of cancer and loads more. Now do you want to try it out? 

During my first visit to this cafe, I am fascinated by the variety of herb-infused Tualang Honey products, as well as some rare tropical forest treasure such as Tongkat Ali and Tiger's Milk Mushroom. 

Grapefruits Lemon @ RM12.80
Beetroot, Carrot, Tomato @ RM13.80 (Sampling Portion only)

In line with Wesley's concept of using natural ingredients, it serves 100% cold pressed juice infused with premium Tualang wild honey. My grapefruit lemon juice is naturally sweet with subtle hint of bitterness; Simply perfect as a thirst quencher without feeling any guilt!

The cafe also features an open kitchen concept where diners can watch how their waffles are being prepared upon each order. If you are feeling hungry, simple western snacks are available here to fuel you up. 

Signature Waffle with Wild Honey @RM15.80

I notice that each food item here comes with one shot of thick and dark Tualang honey, which adds texture and sweetness to the food without feeling too cloying. A stack of freshly ironed waffles, accompanied with fresh fruits, vanilla ice cream and shaved nuts may seem simple, but it is done excellently and well portioned. 

Particularly love the crispy warm waffle which feels airy inside!

Crispy French Toast @ RM10.80

Deep fried into golden brown perfection, the two thick slices of oatmeal coated French toast is comforting to the stomach especially when the slab of butter melts on it. It is that extra dose of crunch on the exterior that makes us wipe out the dish within seconds! 

....Coupled with soft, eggy and custard-like texture on the inside, this is so heavenly!

1. Overall, the snacks such as french toast, waffles and pancakes are definitely worth checking out if you need something to nibble. 
2. The premium wild honey is so good that you should come to the outlet, and be able to tell the difference yourself!
3. Recommended: Crispy French Toast

Wesley's Wild Honey
19, Jalan SS21/56B
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
Contact: +6016-2202535, +60111-2227878
Operating hours: Mon-Sat: 11am – 11pm
Closed on Sundays 


  1. The oatmeal coated French toast looks appealing!
    Will try it out if I pass by.

  2. I love this concept of wild honey already prepared in our food/beverages. I saves the hassle of me buying and making it!

  3. The crispy french toast looks yummy to me!! i wanna try that one!!

  4. I just ate waffle yesterday night.. But not in this place.. haha~

  5. You got me drooling over this beautifulicious looking waffles!

  6. everything just look so beautifully done! yes, honey is good for our health. should take it once in a while!

  7. Looks like a great place! I wanna go with my family again hehe

  8. Omg the waffles are so tempting. Probably will dropby.

  9. The food is so amazing... and with honey!!! Love honey and this should be on the list of must visits....

  10. waffles. nice one and the waffles are so tempting. Probably will dropby.

  11. i love their honey. taste great kan? the food so nice too. i wanna repeat! hahah..and now i know how to identify great honey.

  12. the waffles look so nice...your picture make me feel hungry now even I just had my breakfast!!

  13. looks so good i would go and eat them right now, love that they used good honey too

  14. Oh! Lovely food. For offers at your local restaurants, you can check at CouponBelanja

  15. Oh! Lovely food. For offers at your local restaurants, you can check at CouponBelanja

  16. the pancakes and waffles look amazing. will go there one day. thanks for the recommendations!

  17. Waffle with Wild Honey looks tempting. With ice cream on top and strawberries, I really need to try this out.

  18. The waffle looks yummy and I know there are many new cafes around at Damansara Uptown. Not sure can I able to visit all the new cafes there XD

  19. i bet those waffles taste heavenly, sweet heavenly dessert..

  20. Nice concept, will check out this place for some healthy honey dishes :)

  21. i love french toast!
    now crispy somemore! going to hunt for it~

  22. That waffle looks heavenly, perfect balance of a healthy western breakfast :)

  23. I heard their honey is pure and nice. I want to try this.

  24. Passed by this cafe few days ago.. Next time, I shall go there to have a tea.. =D


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