22 December, 2015

Christmas Party Surprise: Gingerbread Man and more!

Hello, Gingerbread Man! 

Hi peeps! I just came back from my vacation to Siem Reap yesterday, and have totally forgotten that Christmas is actually coming this week! Panicked, I didn't know what to cook or bake for this Friday's party, especially when I am not a good baker lol.

 Gingerbread Man @ RM4.80 each

I dropped by one of Cake Sense's outlets at KLCC, and hunted for my Christmas goodies. I thought these gingerbread men were real good party stunners, especially for the little kids (My cousins) in the house! I will just pop a gingerbread man and mint candy into each of their Christmas surprise stockings, erm....good idea right? 

I even saw similar gingerbread cookies from other bakeries, selling at RM6++!
So I quickly grabbed as many as I can off the shelves in Cake Sense before it is sold out :P

Ginger Bread House @ RM65

Then I saw this beautifully packaged Gingerbread House on display, they only had two houses at the moment and I took one of them home! Well, it was just too adorable that I couldn't resist buying it home as a Christmas party decoration alongside with the glittery tree and red presents. 

In case you're wondering what's inside, it is actually pieces of freshly baked cookies assembled into a house with winding path of sweets, snowman, gingerbread trees and Christmas wreath using blobs of icing.

Yes, every part of the house is edible. Can't wait to surprise the guests with this!

Even if you are not throwing your own party for this Christmas,
I think it would make a perfect gift for friends' gatherings or church events!

 Chocolate Yule Log @ RM69
...another pretty Christmas offering that I spotted in the bakery.
Not my cup of tea, but it'd be great if you love moist chocolate cake.

 Red Velvet Garden @RM95

I love the red velvet cake layered with cream cheese and berries too! Unfortunately it was out of my budget :(
Perhaps I should keep this on my shopping list for New Year Eve's party instead! 

Christmas. The best season for family and friends' gathering and gifting before wrapping up the year.
Let's make it a memorable one before kicking start a brand new year ;)

Don't forget to visit Cake Sense for more Christmas goodies!
Website: www.cakesense.com
Facebook: fb.com/cakesense
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