12 January, 2016

Pay Your Indah Water Konsortium Bill for Better Public Sewerage Management

Whenever the bill from Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) arrives, I always wonder how does our small contribution affect the operations of our national sewerage system. Do you know how much we are paying to IWK every month? In my case, it's just RM8...

True enough, we are only paying few ringgits a month which seems like nothing to us. But statistics show huge late payment issues among Malaysians. Sad to say but true...people don't see what actually goes on behind the scenes. 

Following the recent IWK Selfie Wefie Contest 2015, it manages to create more awareness among Malaysians on their important task in the nation. That makes me wonder....have you ever thought where does your waste go?  

Can't believe the amount of sludge we produce annually can go up to 5 million tonnes!
Imagine every part of the country needs IWK to clean an average 65 millions litres of sewage daily.

In Malaysia, an extensive use has been made of primary treatment systems such as communal septic tanks and imhoff tanks and unreliable low cost secondary systems such as oxidation ponds. In addition, large urban areas utilize Individual Septic Tanks (IST). It is estimated that there are over one million individual septic tanks in Malaysia to partially treat sewage.

IWK is responsible for planning and rationalizing the public sewerage facilities to reduce the number of treatment plants using regionalization. Finally, sewerage pipeline networks will be layed in urban areas currently serviced by IST to convey the domestic sewage to modern secondary treatment facilities.

In Malaysia, 38% of public sewage treatment plants in the country are mechanical plants. These plants operate using mechanical equipment that accelerates sewage break down. Hopefully in the long-term, Malaysia's sewerage system will be made more efficient through the standardization of the types of plants used.

So let's play our part responsibly too,
pay the bill promptly to help IWK to prevent raw sewage pollution!

For any inquiries, feel free to check out the following sites:
Website: www.iwk.com.my
Twitter: @iwkcomms
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