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21 February, 2016

Portofino: Authentic Italian Experience @ Bangsar, KL

The Italian restaurant in Bangsar that earned quite positive reviews for the past year is Portofino, an authentic Italian restaurant run by two Italian lads, specializing in freshly made pastas, pizzas and desserts. 

Named after a very beautiful seaside fishing village in North-west Italy, Portofino is situated in the quieter side of Bangsar, which is in Lucky Garden, hence parking is ample during evening time. 

Carpaccio di Manzo (Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio) @ RM28

The cold appetizer arrives as a palate teaser before we go for the highlights of the day. Topped with rocket salad, mushroom and parmigiano reggiano, the paper-thin slices of raw beef tenderloin is excellent with a zest of lemon juice to remove the "raw" taste. 

 Baked Onion Soup

The hot and hearty bouillon onion soup, on the other hand, is my favourite of the day. Baked with a thin layer of shredded cheese into golden brown perfection, the concoction is so well-packed with sweet onion and Marsala liquor (Sweet red wine) that every spoonful is extra thick, creamy, and can easily fill us up.

I can say that this is thicker than any creamy broth I've ever tried. Plus, the soup is totally unsweetened; the sweetness comes all from the natural flavours of the onion itself. So rich and stomach-comforting! 

Digging into the soup, we find a chunky toast soaked in it but not overly soggy. It is just soft enough to my liking.

Baked Fresh Scallops (5 pieces) @ RM32

Fresh seafood such as baked scallops are equally noteworthy because of its interesting toppings and sizable portion. Sitting on the half shell is a medley of breadcrumbs, herbs and extra virgin olive oil that gives a rich, flavourful taste similar to pesto dressing.

I can easily wipe out this dish on my own without any helping of the lemon wedge!

Ravioli di Pesce (Seafood Ravioli) @ RM36

But it is the homemade fresh pastas that remain as the crowd's favourites. Portofino serves up to 14 types of homemade fresh pastas such as lasagna, cannelloni, ravioli, pappardelle, gnocchi and tortellini; all made from scratch by the Italian chef. 

Be warned, once you have tried good freshly-made pasta, it can be difficult to go back to the regular commercial types. I am totally in love with the ravioli filled with fresh seafood, served in rich sweet sauce. Tender chewy texture with that rich eggy flavour, simply delicious!

Risotto ai Gamberi e Curry (Risotto Prawns and Curry Spices) @ RM36

Another favourite on the menu is the spiced curry risotto, which in itself is a fusion of local and Italian ingredients. The subtle flavour of curry spices adds a nice spicy kick to the unique risotto, and pairs well with fresh prawns and sweet apple pieces.

Pizza Boscaiola (Boscaiola Pizza) @ RM36

Pizzas here come in more than 12 types, and average at about RM30 for a whole, which is not overly huge in portion but sufficient for 3-4 pax. The fluffy pizza base is made from scratch, and then topped with quality ingredients, but it could taste better if the crust is lighter and crispier.

Tiramisu @ RM16

Chef Keli is not just good at hot food items, but also masterful in preparing the famous Italian desserts such as pannacotta, apple strudel and semifreddo. Here's the right place to get your Tiramisu fix--- Layers of spongy ladyfingers doused in coffee, almond liquor, and rich velvety mascarpone cream that synchronize well in taste and melt perfectly in the mouth.

Creme Brulee @ RM16

As for the creme brulee, we get so much pleasure in cracking that caramelized burnt-sugar top to get to the smooth, rich custard beneath it. This sunshine-hued dessert is sure to please the diner especially for the sweet tooth.

Cappucino @ RM10.90

Coffees and juices are available here, but we are also spoilt with choices such as house pouring red or white wine, beers and handcrafted cocktails. Pairing the meal with house wine can be an exquisite experience here, especially to unwind after work.

The double storey restaurant can hold up to 100 pax making it perfect for family and company gatherings yet quiet enough for candle lit dinners.

1. If you are looking for a good place to enjoy the taste of classic Italy, Portofino comes highly recommended (Reservations are advisable).
2. The quality of the food is one of my favorites with very reasonable pricing, considering its generous portion and fresh ingredients. 
3. Must try: Baked Onion Soup, Ravioli, Risotto, Creme Brulee

Portofino Ristorante Italiano (Pork-free)
No.1, Persiaran Ara Kiri,
Bangsar Lucky Garden,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: +603-2094 8490
Instagram: @portofino.bangsar
Operating Hours: 11am-11pm daily


  1. so many nice food to eat there. Should go with my dear someday to dine there.

  2. my all-time favourite creme brûlée! I am interested to try out their menu. must bring my friends one day :)

  3. Italian food is one of my fav. cuisine. Would love to dine with Fred when we back to KL. :)

  4. The food looks great and the pricing is not too steep too. Besides, I also like the ambience.

  5. I am getting hunger pangs attack...huhuh I want some Italian food now ...I see so many of my favorite dishes above

  6. My friends have tried Portofino and gave great review about the food too. Now I can see why - the fresh ingredients!

  7. Wow~ Thanks for sharing dear! Add it into my food list! =D

  8. I didn't know lucky garden has this romantic place haha! Thanks for the info will try it out soon

  9. omg..i bet that Risotto ai Gamberi e Curry is super delicious. looks very tempting!

  10. Feels like wanna dine here.. So yummy looking!

  11. One of my fave Italians in town. Affordable, delicious and I love how the waiters remember my favourite orders on every visit.

  12. The ravioli looks very tempting. i hope this restaurant is using halal ingredients as i really want to dine there.. :)

  13. Ah Fish you keep tempting me with pictures of such good food! The ambiance and the dishes look really nice - will check it out ;)

  14. wow! so tempting yummy Italian cuisine :) I wanna try this soon too
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing


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