17 February, 2016

Review: MeiNong 2 in 1 Hair Styler + Blume Hair Moisturizing Spray

I am the type of person who can't leave the house without styling my hair. But when it comes to travelling, it is kinda troublesome to bring a huge hair curler and straightener along. Hence, I got myself this Meinong 2-in-1 hair styler from BeautyxEternity (Instagram: @beautyxeternity) to solve the problem...

MeiNong 2 in 1 Hair Styler @ RM79

....because the size is incredibly small and lightweight! I can easily fit it into my handbag and of course it wouldn't take much space in my luggage. The heating part is protected with nano ceramic coating, then attached to a 360-degree swirling cable.

The device is very easy to use. Just turn on the switch button, and the indicator will light up. The heating time is really short, you can use it within 3 minutes. And no hassle of adjusting temperature as it is fixed at 190-degree Celsius, just nice for normal hair. 

Most importantly, it works both ways-- as a hair curler and a straightener. 

To use the device as a straightener, just push the button towards the "Open" indicator. Honestly, the surface area of the flat iron is quite small, so I need to divide my hair into more parts, so that the iron works more effectively on smaller strands of hair each time. 
All I do is straightening the hair slightly away from root, all the way down to the ends. It works quickly on the hair, so I'd usually leave the heating iron on my hair for not more than 10 seconds. So, the entire process takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Great for a quick hair fix every morning, especially when you're rushing off to work 

Look how it gives my bleached hair a much healthier look! Goodbye to those untamed manes, I totally love the straightener that gives my hair a silky straight touch.

For curly hairstyle, it can be achieved using this hair styler too! Just push the button to "Lock" and you'll be able to use the 26mm curling tong to style your hair. If you love something more curly, then split the hair into smaller strands but it'd be a little more time-consuming.

Tips: Just secure the ends on the clip, and curl it upwards, so that it appears bouncy at the bottom.

For my hair length, I don't usually go for soft or small curls. I think that a simple layer of curved-in ends is sufficient to create the "bouncy" feel. Just nice to avoid my hair from looking too "flat", plus it also spices up the complexion a little :) I love how this style always helps me to define the V-shape of the chin, and cover the baby fats on the cheek area!

For those who have short fringes, airy Korean bangs are in-trend now. But you can also do the same for thick bangs! Again, I don't want my fringe to "stick" flatly on my forehead, so usually I'd go for a light tong for less than 5 seconds to add volume to it, creating a slightly curved-in bang.

[FREE!!!] Blume Beauty Hair Moisturizing Spray (180ml) 

Seriously, it's FREEEE! I can't believe that the RM79 hair styler comes with a FREE gift worth RM50! Well, all of us know any heating is bad for the hair, therefore we need this hair spray to repair dry and damaged hair because it is rich in Vitamin B5 and glycerin that prevents dryness and improves shine.

I heard that it is specially formulated by Germany hair care experts to boost nutrients and good for all hair types, especially dry or colored hair like mine. I suaully spray it onto my semi-dry hair (after wash), and the lightweight liquid spray will penetrate into the hair.

So it will be less damaging when drying and styling the hair after that. But of course, I love to use it after styling too, to give the hair a moist and shiny touch. 

With this, it will reduce frizziness and coarseness of the hair 

Verdict: Overall, the hair styler is worth investing at such an affordable price! It is easier to use and more convenient than many hair stylers I have tried. Plus, I'd definitely fit it into my luggage bag during my next vacation! 

1. Cheap, quick to heat and easy to use.
2. Small, lightweight and convenient for travelling.
3. Dual function: Good for both curling and straightening.

1. No temperature control, fixed at 190 degree Celsius. 

Meinong 2-in-1 hair styler with FREE Blume moisturizing hair spray is available at BeautyxEternity:
Facebook: fb.com/beautyxeternity
Instagram: @beautyxeternity
WeChat: lenghui_hui
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