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31 March, 2016

Magnum Pink and Magnum Black Ice Cream Party @ Aloft KL

"What mood are you today? Playful pink, or sophisticated black?"

Magnum is no stranger to us especially for those with strong cravings for premium chocolate ice cream indulgences. When Magnum recently introduces its latest Magnum Pink Pomegranate and Black Espresso ice cream flavours, it has proven to us that its high quality ice cream is not just delicious, but also can tell our personalities and everyday moods. 

Magnum Moodology: Are you feeling Pink or Black? 

I am wearing the Magnum sensor tag wristband that records my "mood" throughout the party. As soon as the machine detects me, I can pick the color that rightly reflects whatever I am feeling at each station. For instance, Pink represents fun, playful and spontaneity, whereas Black stands for elegance, classiness, and sophistication.

Magnum Magnificient Stage: In fact, it is a stiff competition between Pink and Black.
Guess which one gains more votes at the end of the evening?

The evening kickstarts with amazing performances from the Black team and Pink dancers, followed by a speech by Mr Rakesh Mohan, Chairman Unilever (Holdings) Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Throughout the evening, we are wowwed by one performance after another, such as the special medley performed by the renowned violinist Dennis Lau that reflects the elements and moods of Pink and Black, as well as a powerful performance by Ning Baizura, Malaysia’s songstress singing a medley of Pink and Black beats.

Unilever Malaysia's esteemed Marketing Director, Vincent Chong and Chairman, Rakesh Mohan officially launches Magnum Pink Pomegranate and Magnum Black Espresso as the newest members of the Magnum family!

Magnum Pleasure Bar: Themed Desserts and Drinks
Look, the machine is able to detect my name, how cool is that!

Music and good food come hand in hand at Magnum party. We are then treated with more mood-related activities such as the striking Magnum Pink and Black Pleasure Bar where the barista skillfully prepares interesting concoctions inspired by the two new ice creams. Desserts are served based on the pink and black theme too. 

Magnum Black Cocktail with Guinnes Stout, Frangelica and Kahlua
Magnum Black Mocktail with Espresso, Sprite and Topped with Lychee

My personal favourite goes to the pink desserts; So lovely and sweet!

Make My Magnum Booth: Customize It All! 

As part of Magnum iconic serving method, the Make My Magnum station allows us to personalize our own Magnum Pink and Black with the exclusive Pink and Black toppings. I prefer adding the flower petals, gold beads and dried fruits to add a feminine flair to my Magnum Pink :P 

Have you tried these flavours before? Magnum Pink is a pomegranate flavoured ice cream with delicate swirls of Pomegranate sauce, coated with pearly pink Belgian chocolate. Tangy and sweet, ideal for the ladies!

On the other hand, Magnum Black is a thick layer of premium dark Tanzanian Chocolate wrapping around the smooth vanilla ice cream, swirled with Black Espresso. I prefer this flavour as I get to enjoy the best of both gourmet coffee and chocolate. 

I manage to take some personalized Pink and Black photos at the Magnum Moment photobooth with the babes, but before that let's have some shots at the iconic "M" first. 

Thanks Magnum for inviting us over for such a sweet and fun party! :) 

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  1. interesting event. magnum definitely still going big in the market. I have always preferred the black one.

  2. Magnum has so much to offer now. If me, I will try the pink one but I think I would prefer the classic.

  3. so yummy ice cream I wanna buy and eat. my son loves to eat too

  4. so yummy ice cream I wanna buy and eat. my son loves to eat too

  5. I spotted myself... LOL... and yes, I am still not over that Pink Pomegranate... it has to be my most favorite Magnum ever yet....

  6. What a joyful event it looked like. And all just for the launch for ice cream. I found them in Ipoh already!

  7. Such a glamourous ice cream event, its one of my favourite too.

  8. I like Magnum ice cream, will try out this new pink flavor, looks delicious :)

  9. Wow. Everything looked so luxurious and gorgeous. Believe it or not though, even though I love ice creams, I've never tried a Magnum before. :P

  10. Temptingly nice... Yummy! Pink and black! Ice cream best for hot weather!

  11. Lama I tak makan ais krim. Hello Magnum nanti I makan lagi wohoo.

  12. The set up looks breathtaking babe and the ice-cream even more so! Looks like you girls had fun- it looked like an amazing event <3

  13. wow.. seroboknya dapat makan ice cream
    yg debommm... i love magnum choc. no more
    choc belgium. sad..


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