30 March, 2016

Unwrapping Festive Hampers: Thank You for the Thoughtful Gift!

The Chinese festive season has long passed for this year, and I finally have the time to unwrap the hampers and gifts from fellow sponsors. I just couldn't be more blessed than this, thanks for remembering me during special occasions! Truly appreciate the gift from you guys :)

Among the hampers, I notice some are in really good quality. Well, my definition of being "good in quality" is about having premium food stuff (not cheap cookies and sparkling juice) in a hamper that offers good value of money.

I am not sure what do you like to see in the hampers you receive during festive season, but of course it will be high quality food for me! Forget about those cookies, snacks and chocolates (Ugh, not to mention items that will expire very soon), I prefer something more traditional that I can share with the family during special occasions.

I don't remember telling anyone about my preference for hampers, but I'm glad that some really gets something that I like. The beautiful huge packaging makes the gift look so expensive, and true indeed, the content is not bad at all!

Let's unwrap it and take a look what's inside...
It contains 5 items in total, sitting on a festive embroidered basket.

Old Aged Chang Bai Shan Ginseng (长白山特选人参)

There is a box of Chinese ginseng, quite okay in terms of quality considering
its light, vibrant color and sizeable portion. But anyway I can't be sure until it is cooked.

Smoked Scallop in Can (罐装烟熏扇贝)
Smoked Oyster in Can (罐装烟熏牡蛎)

I am sure those boxes in hampers usually remind you of the empty content in it. Or perhaps it is just me who have several bad experiences with hampers, but this round it surely doesn't disappoint. I am happy to see a high-quality rectangular tin can in each box, each generously filed with scallops and oysters respectively. 

Smoked Scallop in Can (罐装烟熏扇贝)

The smoked seafood exudes a strong smoky aroma as soon as the can is opened! Drenched in oil, the scallop and oyster are actually cooked and ready to be eaten straight away. But for festive season, they are definitely a delicious topping for the prosperity toss! 

Since festive season has passed now, I can easily add them as side dishes to my rice or noodle dish. Plus the preparation is easy, just microwave it or cook together with anything you love :) 1 can is sufficient for a perfect meal for two.

Smoked Oyster in Can (罐装烟熏牡蛎)

Grade A Mushroom (特选A级花菇)

My mom is the happiest to see "flower mushrooms" in the hamper which she can use for our daily meal. I totally understand why this hamper is more suitable for families; everything is edible and so entwined to our Chinese traditional diet. 

Oh, and the last item is the premium Chinese Anxi Tie Guan Yin (安溪铁观音) tea.

Overall, I am sure this will be a cheaper gifting alternative than those chicken essence hampers that we usually buy for our relatives and family. All the items are labelled "九鼎香", so I assume it it a hamper from the famous JDX Hamper (九鼎香) supplier because I have seen it widely available in all AEON Jusco outlets.

Plus, they are an expert in producing Chinese teas that we usually have in bah kut teh or dim sum shops.
Anyway, I will definitely keep an eye at this brand the next time I wanna choose festive gifts for my relatives and clients!
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