05 March, 2016

Pink Floral Eau De Parfum by Dewamor Perfume Signature

Let the aroma of roses dance in the air...

Sweet like a rose, elegant like a diamond; I guess this is how I should describe the latest Pink Floral Eau De Parfum by Dewamor. With this romantic perfume, you just can't go wrong when choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones including wife, girlfriend, mother or sister.

Recently launched by Dewamor, this is actually a local brand, with a meaningful story to tell behind it. It is founded by Mohd Khairul Nizam Wahiddin, a normal yet extraordinary person who touches our hearts with his determination and perseverance in the challenging life. 

Mohd Khairul Nizam Wahiddin, the founder of Dewamor

Suffering from being paralyzed for his whole body, Nizam has to rely on his wheelchair throughout his entire life, but that does not deter him from striving hard to make a better living for himself and his family. As the eldest son, he works his way towards being a successful entrepreneur with the unconditional support from his mom, Puan Norizan. 

Dewamor is officially launched at Saloma Bistro and Theatre, KL

I just couldn't imagine how difficult is the journey to him to create this beautiful brand, Dewamor. But I truly admire his talent and courage in changing his destiny. Even a physically healthy person may not be able to achieve what he has now. 

Hence, he comes up with the name "Dewamor". Combining the phrases "Dew" resembling the romantic water droplets and "Amor" meaning love in Italian, Dewamor aims to bring love and care to every woman on Earth, just like how Nizam would like to show his love and appreciation towards his mother.

Congratulations Nizam and Puan Norizan!

Inspired by the elegance and romance of roses, the perfume exudes a sense of femininity  and gracefulness. The bottle of Pink Floral EDP is a replica of diamond, with the crystal cut design that looks glamorous under bright light. The beautiful pink flower adorned on the cap adds a sweet touch to it.  

The Scent
Top notes tingle with fresh and sweet accords of praline and vanilla. The heart of this EDP is floral and opulent with intensive, sweet and seductive rose, blossom and strawberry. Musk, amber and vanilla in a base wrap us with an oriental scent, while its milky and sweet notes gently fondle our skin.

The best part is, this EDP can last up to 10 hours!

Currently available throughout the nation, its normal price is RM199.90 per bottle.

For latest updates, visit Dewamor at:
Instagram: @DewamorOfficial
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