13 April, 2016

My Hair Transformation Journey with Number76 Japanese Hair Salon

As some of you may be aware of, I have done a lot of changes on my hair for the past year, because
I have been collaborating closely with my hair sponsor, Number76 since October 2015 till now.

It has been a good 6 months of being pampered with various hair colors, treatments and styling by the professional team from Number76 Starhill Gallery branch. If you have not been to this outlet, it is just opposite Pavilion shopping mall, easily accessible regardless of whether you drive or commute.

Each Number76 outlet actually has different concepts-- The one in Northpoint exudes a concrete industrial look while the Publika branch feels more like a garden. Whereas Starhill outlet is recently renovated, so you can expect it to have a very spacious and posh setting. Love the sense of comfort it exudes as soon as I step into the outlet!

The hair washing chairs are imported from Japan; It is indeed one of the most comfortable chairs
I have ever sat on! Hair wash has never been so enjoyable like before :P 

Plus they use only premium grade Japanese hair products and tools for all services, you can even choose your own stylist in each outlet (as there will be differences in charges among senior stylists, directors and senior directors).

Now, let me bring you through my hair journey month by month :)

 My previous hair color was a very deep and dark red, and Director Yves Chong suggested me
to bleach those color away before I can change my hair color to lighter ones.

After bleaching, the multi-tonal color was called the French balayage effect that created the soft, natural-looking gradient. Then I was treated with Number76 Signature Ultrasonic Iron treatment (RM265) to smoothen the tresses and also to allow nutrients penetrate deep into the hair, because bleaching did a lot of harm towards the hair.

The end result after the treatment really made a difference! My hair was silky smooth after that, but the effect would only last for 1-2 months before I needed another treatment.

The red color faded after another month, leaving my hair to be more yellowish.
Somehow, it moved towards blonde at the end of the month.

It was also my birthday that month! So I went to the team to Wash and Style (RM64) my hair for my birthday dinner. It was just some simple curls due to the short length of my hair. The process took less than 45 minutes and my hair was good to go! Chio? :P

Thank you Senior Stylist Xuan!
 Number76 never stopped treating me with treatments for the hair to keep it nourished. Yes, 
I did the Ultrasonic Iron treatment again; I really wouldn't get bored of it because of its goodness. 

Finally during the brand new year, I wanted to get rid of the blonde shade and try something darker so that it would look healthier. So, Xuan did a duo-tone brown and purple color for my hair, just perfect to welcome the spirit of Chinese New Year.

Honestly, I loved those beautiful ends but unfortunately it faded away in just a few washes.
In fact, I had fallen in love with purple tone since then, and wanted to maintain this color thereafter! 

 MARCH 2016
Kerastase Fusio-Dose treatment (RM190)

February had kept me too busy with plenty of celebrations and events, so I missed my monthly appointment at Number76. Hence, I was back in March, for a different treatment-- Kerastase Fusio-Dose Concentre Pixelist which was catered for intensive shine care. Best for colored hair to keep it radiant, soft and shiny. 

My hair turned golden brown again after a couple of months, so it was time to touch up on the ends and roots with purple tone again. I told Senior Stylist Han that I wanted something pinkish brown with purple ends, but slightly darker tone because of my current work commitment. 

Sorry I was really bad with colors, but he totally understood what I wanted and created this color for me!

My stylist was totally right, red and purple tones can make one look younger and more energetic than the usual dull tone like blonde :) I think I would maintain this color for the upcoming months,
or do you have any suggestion of color for me? Feel free to leave a comment here!

APRIL 2016
My current hair color. Totally in love with the tinges of magenta and red!
For the full list of services, rates and online booking, feel free to logon to www.number76.com!
Or stalk them on Facebook (fb.com/paddling76) for the latest promotion :D

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