14 April, 2016

I Have Just Touched Down!

I have just touched down in Siem Reap! 

Hahaha....just kidding! I am currently in Malaysia but am looking forward to my next holiday very soon. If you are an avid traveller like me, I am sure this post is going to be beneficial for you because it's all about staying connected when you are overseas without having to pay shocking bills! :)

Imagine yourself travelling to different countries in one trip, and switching to the local sim card in each country... How much do you have to spend on just communication alone? Luckily, we can now travel around the world with just ONE sim card, called TouchDown

TouchDown connects us across 190 countries around Asia, China, Europe and USA, and 320 networks by offering amazing tariff rates for call and data plans. I think USD $0.15 per minute call from Europe to Asia is really cheap. I couldn't even get such competitive rate with my current telco in Malaysia! 

With that, you can save up to 85% on roaming charges, especially for Asians travelling in Europe and China. Also, TouchDown offers FREE incoming calls in over 135 countries and FREE incoming SMS worldwide, so cool right? 

Whether you prefer heavier usage of voice calls or data connection, TouchDown has gotten you covered with its 2 packages: TouchDown Classic and TouchDown New.

TouchDown Classic: A plan/package that focuses on Voice plan but still allows users to access Data on different rates.

For making calls, it is pretty easy as it works as a normal sim card. Just follow 3 steps and you can stay connected with your loved ones at the other part of the world 24/7!

Step 1: Insert sim card into your device, as it bears a different number. 
Step 2: Dial an international number from your phone as usual, with the country code (eg: +60)
Step 3: Touchdown picks up your call, connects it to the number you dialed. It calls you back, connecting both ends, providing superior sound quality no matter where you are.

 TouchDown New: A plan/package that focuses on Data plan but allows the user to access Voice and Messages on different rates.

At foreign lands, I realise the importance of Googling the map of the places to visit. Plus, I also need to stay connected to the Internet to access emails and social medias during my trip, so I can't live without a data plan there. Hence, my data usage can be quite high.

To meet my heavy data requirement, I prefer using TouchDown New as I can enjoy the flexibility to subscribe on the data plan by day, week or month. It's all up to my travelling duration. And the best part is, you can easily switch a package even before the current one ends.
Although sometimes we can't spend time with each other physically due to the geographical distance, it is good enough to "meet" at the virtual space and inform the family that I am safe and sound abroad. 

In case you're wondering, TouchDown is a prepaid sim card, so you can easily monitor your spending and retrieve the call history. No more shocking bills and phantom costs for your mobile! 

It is not just for "one time use" as it bears a validity period of 365 days once you have activated it. Customizeable to MicroSim or NanoSim size, you will only be travelling with that one same phone number across the borders.  

The best deal of TouchDown? No contracts, No Minimum Spending, No Hidden Charges! Since it is all prepaid, you can track your spending each time as you enjoy the affordable rates in 190 countries and data usage in 100 countries.

Be it for frequent business or leisure travellers, I think it'd be a great option for ultimate convenience and smooth communication.
TouchDown sim card is exclusively available online at touchdown.com.my.

Just register your TouchDown number online, and manage the service online or via USSD commands. However, you need to configure data and MMS settings when using TouchDown for the first time.

Start planning for your next holiday destination and don't forget to bring TouchDown along!

For more information, visit TouchDown at:
Facebook: fb.com/TouchDownMY
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