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06 April, 2016

Review: Teami Blends 30 Day Detox Pack for Effective Weight Loss

I must admit that I have been overeating lately because I am currently on holiday. Well, that doesn't make an excuse for me to be lazy and jeopardize my own body shape. It's time to shed those pounds away and get in shape again; hence there goes my haul from Teami Blends.

It arrives at my doorstep within 2 weeks, despite of being delivered all the way from the States. Amazing right? 

Unlike other detox tea brands, Teami actually offers a wide range of tea-based products such as teami Profit, teami Energy, teami Alive, teami Relax, teami Colon and teami Skinny. As for the package I have here, it is the 30-day Detox Pack comprising of one pack of teami Skinny and one teami Colon

The pack comes with a cute guide with tips about changing how the body looks and feels in just 30 days. Ultimately, it is designed to help the body in:
  • Getting rid of the toxins that the body is holding on (Do you know that we have 2-9 kg of accumulated waste matter in our colon? It's time to remove them from our body!)
  • Allowing the digestive system to function properly
  • Burning the correct amount of calories 
  • Boosting natural energy every day! 

  Teami Skinny Tea (65g)

My morning kickstarts with a cup of teami Skinny before breakfast. Each pack of Skinny loose-leaf tea is sufficient for 30-day supply. Best taken every morning to "wake up" the body and start boosting the metabolism, preferably before breakfast. But if you don't like having it with empty stomach, drinking it anytime before evening is fine too.

Honestly I am not sure if this is the right amount, but I usually place 1 teaspoon into boiling water and let it stay for 5 minutes. The dried tea leaves will eventually expand, and it can be a mess within the cup. So, you can use a strainer or tea infuser for clearer tea.

Taste wise, it is very mild and reminds me of Chinese Oolong tea. I find it just nice to my liking, but some may prefer adding honey, nectar or lemon to spice up the flavour. I can just keep adding more hot water to the cup and drink it up to 3 times a day.

Teami Colon Tea Bags (2g x 15)

Before bed, I will have a cup of teami Colon cleanse tea every alternate evening. Hence, a pack of this consisting 15 tea bags is just perfect for a 30-day detox plan. Just allow the tea bag to steep between 1-3 minutes before drinking.

It exudes a very herbal flavour which some may not enjoy, but I find it acceptable. Like many other slimming teas, it contains senna leaves, which is a type of laxative that may cause stomach discomfort. To reduce the laxative effect, just don't let the tea bag to steep in too long.

The next morning, I can feel stomach cramping that gives slight uneasiness, and very mild diarrhoea for the start. After a couple rounds of drinking this, the reaction in my body becomes milder and it definitely makes my tummy flatter with lesser waste in it.

The all-natural teami tea is completely GMO Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free! 

Verdict: Overall, I only manage to lose 3 kg, with sufficient exercises (I run every morning) although I did not really control my diet (Yes, I cheat on my meals a lot!). In terms of body figure, I don't see any significant changes but it's good to see the weight has gone down 

The result varies according to individuals, so perhaps I should continue with the second detox pack for a better result. But if you aim to lose weight fast, this is no doubt a great choice :)

Just key in this code: OHFISHIEE
to get 10% OFF for any purchase of Teami.

For more info, please visit Teami Blends at:
Instagram: @TeamiBlends


  1. Hmm~ I'm having Skinny Mint Tea for few months. On & off. :) From what's your review, I'm seeing it quite similar tho.

    Happy weekend!

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    Facebook @ Meitzeu Page

    Twitter @ meitzeu

  2. I guess i have to accustom myself from having tea because i need to lose weight have a flat tummy that'll lead to having 6pax

  3. For real dah kurus still take it ???? 😣 but I don't think it's suit for me since I am bf mom

  4. For real dah kurus still take it ???? 😣 but I don't think it's suit for me since I am bf mom

  5. This look like a good tea for me to try. I am struggling with my weight nowadays.

  6. I need to try this. Losing 3kg is quite a lot.

  7. I will try this , thanks for sharing

  8. wow, arrive in 2 weeks ya, that's very fast! looking forward for your second pack's result. keep on running!!

  9. wow you lost 3kg! Nice one, will try one day too.

  10. Still you manage to lost 3 kg! It was a good start, keep it up and look forward for you result =D

  11. Oh wow.. I really need this for sure... heaven knows I got lots of KG to lose

  12. 30 days detox? wow.. must be really effective. i need one asap! :)

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