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27 May, 2016

HerbaLine "Beauty and The Feast" Spa Party @ Puchong

Special thanks to HerbaLine Facial Spa and Mama Kim Puchong, I was invited to the Herbaline "Beauty and The Feast" Spa Party at its latest outlet in Puchong (near IOI Boulevard) last week. It was indeed a well-spent evening that revitalized the body, mind and soul.

From my previous weekend staycation at Sojourn Guest House by HerbaLine at Pandan Indah, I had experienced the unique and holistic wellness concept based on its "Eat Well, Look Well, Live Well" principle.

Although Herbaline Puchong does not have any guest house for accommodation, it allows guests to enjoy an equally Zen experience by having refreshing facial spa and therapeutic massage by HerbaLine Facial Spa followed by hearty and delicious meals by Mama Kim.

Upon stepping into HerbaLine, I was greeted warmly by Mr. C.K. Low, the Managing Director of HerbaLine Global Wellness Group, and a team of beautiful brand ambassadors. 

Then we had a quick tour around the upper floor which is well-equipped with amenities such as changing room, tea lounge, facial and spa treatment room and more for customers.

Facial and spa treatment room; Best for the couples and BFFs out there!

Along the pathway, there are huge pots of aromatics for the sensory enjoyment. The aromatic lemongrass scent is known for its mind healing properties; Take a whiff and you'd feel the comfort and relaxation from within.

My pampering experience of the evening began with a quick 5-minute foot soak to relax the feet, reduce soreness and stimulate the blood flow. It felt great to dip the feet into warm water and let the sea salt works wonder on the feet.

Fish Spa came next, and the girls were all excited to be "tickled" by the fish which helped remove the dead skin cells.

The next station was the Sea Salt Room, where I felt as if I had just landed in a beach or desert! Sitting on a lazy chair, sea salt basking and shovelling were fun as I buried my feet in the sea salt which was said to have health benefits to the skin.

Look how excited the girls were!!

The rejuvenating experience ended with a quick massage around the neck, back, and arms, using the essential oil.

After pampering the mind and soul, it was time to treat the hungry tummy with a wholesome healthy dinner at Mama Kim. My usual favourite Signature Sauna Mee was served piping hot with steaming soup and condiments. The chilli and fried garlic added just the right amount of flavours into the dish, which was then perfectly washed down with the fruit tea.

Overall, it was an amazing experience and I had so much fun with the babes! Nothing beats the enjoyment of my healthy and rejuvenating journey here :)

To know more on how you can pamper yourselves at HerbaLine, kindly visit:


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