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25 May, 2016

Review: KOSE SEKKISEI Herbal Gel - 6 Benefits in 1 Bottle

Speaking of my current dry and dull skin condition, honestly I am still in search of a "miracle" to achieve more hydrated, plump, firm, shiny, smooth and radiant skin (I hope I am not too greedy, hahah!). I believe many are facing similar issue, especially during the hot weather, plus the hectic lifestyle that we can't avoid.

Thanks to Kose's latest innovation, I just found a one-product-miracle that delivers multiple benefits to naturally glowing skin. It's the Japanese artist, Yui Aragaki's current favourite too.

 KOSE SEKKISEI Herbal Gel (79ml) @ RM130

Japanese products have never failed to impress me. This herbal gel is a multi-beneficial gel moisturizer that tones, illuminates, nourishes and firms for a radiant complexion. All thanks to its powerful content of Fermented Coix Seed Extract which fights your skin's dullness, keeps your skin clear, promotes anti-inflammatory, moisturizes and retexturize your skin's condition.

I love how it provides 6 benefits in just 1 simple bottle, including:
    ❤ More hydration
    ❤ Plump texture
    ❤ Treats Roughness
    ❤ More shine
    ❤ More firmness
    ❤ Treats dullness

Most of the time, skincare in a jar is less convenient but Kose has made things right by including an adorable little spatula and spatula holder, which fits snuggly next to the gel (No more missing spatulas!). Nicely designed for easy adjustment of usage amount.

The texture? It has a lightweight gel texture that does not stick on the skin, hence it is able
to work wonderfully as emulsion, serum, cream, massage gel as well as sleeping mask

(1) Use As Gel Moisturizer
HOW TO USE: Apply one(1) scoop of gel and massage onto the face to stay moisturised on-the-go.

I'd normally use it as part of my daily skincare regime, during both day and night. It moisturizes the skin well before putting on makeup, and also great as a night moisturizer after cleansing and toning. 

When applied on the skin, the gel melts instantly into the skin with a cooling sensation followed by silky-plump feeling. So smooth and comfortable on the skin! 

Before VS After:
The skin looks more plump and glowing almost instantly. 
If you need to combat dryness and dullness, I think this would be great,
especially for gym addicts, frequent flyers or anyone who wants a quick fix!

(2) Use As Sleeping Mask 
HOW TO USE: Apply two scoops as a leave-on overnight mask to soothe dry, dull or tired skin before going to bed.

Another favourite method of using this herbal gel is a sleeping mask. Honestly, the best remedy for skin is always a good night sleep. But what makes my sleep even better is a layer of sleeping mask that repairs my skin overnight.

I'd apply a thicker layer over the face, let it absorbed overnight and enjoy the sleep.
Goodbye to dull and tired skin on the next morning!

1. A wonderful lightweight invention-- Love how it can be used as emulsion, serum, cream, massage gel and sleeping mask
2. The texture is very refreshing, lightweight, non-pore clogging. Love the cooling sensation at the first touch.
3. Overall, it works great as an instantaneous remedy for those with hectic lifestyle and lack of sleep.

 Kose SEKKISEI Herbal Gel is priced at RM130, available at all Kose counters nationwide.


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  3. Wonderful article! Definitely going to try this soon. I have tried a coupole Kose Sekkisei products and liked them fairly well. One was the lotion mask and the other was the white powder wash from b-glowing.


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