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10 June, 2016

Order Your Gas in Just A Tap!

I remember those days when I was staying in a high-rise apartment, and the issue of ordering cooking gas had always been bothering my family because:

(1) We needed to call the guy each time when we wanted to order and he might not turn up sometimes.
(2) The extra fee of carrying the gas cylinder to my doorstep was constantly increasing due to the lack of manpower in the company.

Perhaps sometimes I'd think, how nice it is to have some sorts of taxi that deliver cooking gas right to my doorstep... and it can really happen now! 

Grabgas is finally here to solve our gas ordering problem-- It connects customers with cooking - or LPG - gas delivery drivers with mobile and GPS technology. Imagine you can locate the drivers nearest to you in less than a minute with just a few taps, and receive your cooking gas without waiting long; How convenient it is...

Another feature is the customers transparency policy it has, by making information of the gas delivery order available in the app so as to prevent customers from getting cheated, information such as driver’s name, vehicle plate number, phone number and exact fare without any hidden cost are provided. 

Now, let's see how does GrabGas work...
GrabGas gives certainty to the customers by providing accurate information such as the number of gas delivery drivers nearby the area, as well as the instant confirmation of order and status of the delivery. 

Each gas cylinder is about RM28 – RM32 inclusive of delivery fees, depending on the area and driver's delivery charges. Personally, I find it cheaper than the usual gas vendors that I normally engage! The best part is, the payment needs not to be done online, but customers are also allowed to opt for cash on delivery.

The ordering process takes only 5 steps, namely: 

Step 1: Visit and click Order Now.
Step 2: Select their particular LPG brand, size and quantity.
Step 3: Insert Name, Address, Preferred time and notes (if any).
Step 4: Enter Phone Number to receive one time password code
Step 5: View summary of your orders
Step 6: Enter the GrabGas code that is sent via SMS from us into the system.


In the near future, GrabGas will launch its user app for convenient ordering, including other features such as a rating and GPS system. Soon, it will have an automated chatbot system for older generation to order gas via SMS, Wechat and Messenger. With this, downloading an app or visiting our website are not longer necessary, and customers are able to experience gas ordering like how they used to.

Hope GrabGas can help to revamp and digitalise gas delivery in South-East Asia,
leading to a more convenient and efficient means of gas delivery we can all be proud of.
Don't hesitate to contact GrabGas for more info!

Contact: +6018-286 9481 
Instagram: @GrabGas

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