31 July, 2016

Review: REALASH Eyelash Enhancer and Brow Conditioner - Amazing Result after 1 Month!

Do you remember the Eyelash Enhancer and Brow Conditioner from Realash Cosmetics which I received last month? Time flies, and now I have been using it for one month already!

Frankly, initially I don’t have much expectations on the result in just 1 month because the previous eyelash serum I tried took about 3 months to create fuller lashlines. But now with REALASH, I am totally amazed!

I just can’t imagine how the mighty eyelash and eyebrow enhancers change my life in just 28 days. The result is so significant that I am happy to share with you guys...

After 14 days….

Look at those lashes, does it seem as if I have put on mascara / falsies? I am surprised that the lashes are dramatically volumized, giving a thicker and fuller look. Length wise, it is slightly longer too.

As for the eyebrows, it normally takes 2-3 months to see a significant result but 2 weeks is good enough for some improvements on my light brow-- it appears slightly defined now.

Note: My brow shape may differ as I went for a slight trimming during this period.

After 30 days….

In one month time, I finally achieve what the Eyelash Enhancer claims to bring! 

Stronger lashes
✓ Less lashes falling out
✓ Denser and longer lashes
✓ Healthier-looking and nourished

And for the brows, it takes another 1-2 months for the ideal result, but I am okay with the density now-- Goodbye to the thin, weak and very light brows!

Now I can confidently leave my house every morning without drawing my brows or applying mascara! Good for those days when I prefer going out bare-faced or with minimal makeup. But if I really need eye makeup, longer lashes now make it easier for me to curl and apply mascara on.

REALASH – Eyelash Enhancer – 3 ml
BROW – Brow Conditioner – 4 ml

In case you're wondering, REALASH and BROW are completely safe formulae stimulating lash and brow growth. No irritations or allergic reactions around the eye area. And they really help improve our overall facial appearance!

Just apply the Eyelash Enhancer on the upper eyelid /
the Conditioner from inner to the outer side of the brows,
once a day, before sleep.

(Make sure the eyelashes and brow areas are dry and clean)

1. In just 2 weeks time of applying it once a day (every night before bed), I am already pretty satisfied with the result as well as the effortless application steps.
2. The full one-month application and beyond is great to maintain fuller lashes and brows, and build strengths.
3. I will definitely continue using the lash and brow enhancers for the best result in the upcoming months.

Rating: 4.5/5  Repurchase? Definitely a yes! 

For more information, kindly visit:
Website: www.realash.com
Facebook: fb.com/Realash
Instagram: @realashcosmetics

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