01 July, 2016

VISA Checkout: The New, Easier Way To Pay Online

Have you ever realised how the Internet has significantly changed our lives?

I find it weird to check the prices of stuff at physical stores when they can be found online.
I feel it is troublesome to shopping at the mall (and find a parking space) when shopping can be done online. 
I think that physical prints are unnecessary when I can read online. 
....and the list goes on.

So far, my online shopping experience has been pleasant. I believe there will be no big issues as long as I shop from trusted websites, and one of my favourites is SuperBuy.my, a one-stop shopping platform for a wide variety of products from electronics to home and garden products.

With the increasing trend of e-retail, I am glad to see that merchants are constantly making improvements to enhance the consumer experience. Visa Checkout is a good example for this.  

We all know about Visa credit card, but what's Visa Checkout? It is here to improve your online payment experience! Who doesn't love using their Visa card online and enjoy the benefits tied to their Visa account?

On top of the above benefits, now with Visa Checkout, things become even easier, simpler and more convenient during the checkout and payment processes! Why? Let's find it out...

In only 3 steps, and your shopping will successfully be completed! 

For example, once I am done with choosing my items at SuperBuy, I will arrive at the "Checkout" page.

Step 1: Click on "VISA Checkout" for the payment method option.

Step 2: "VISA Checkout" automatically detects the debit / credit card you've registered
with them. So, just click "Pay" to complete the transaction. 

Step 3: Finally, key in the security code and voila, you're done! 

Honestly I can't believe that the payment can be so easy and quick! It is completed within just a few clicks, without even having to enter my shipping address nor leaving the merchant's site and being redirected to the payment platform.

Anyway, here are some of the features of Visa Checkout that make our lives more convenient:
    ❤ It requires only a username and password to pay.
    ❤ You can use any major debit or credit card.
    ❤ Everything can be done in just two payment screens.
    ❤ Skip those repetitive steps of re-entering shipping details when shopping at different websites.
    ❤ Can be used on desktop, mobile devices, web and apps. 

To enjoy this quick buying process, all you need is to register for an account at www.visacheckout.com.my in 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Create username and password
Step 2: Enter payment and shipping information
Step 3: Proceed to Visa Checkout button on merchants’ websites
Currently, Visa Checkout feature is available at over 200 merchants in Malaysia enabled with VCO, such as Malindo Air, Superbuy.com, SweetSpot Digital, Little Whiz, Twenty3, Avenue86, and CUTI, and there will be more to come in future!

Good news! You can also enjoy special offers with Visa Checkout:

For instance, you can buy Malindo Air flight ticket or a holiday package with minimum
transaction of RM250 and receive a RM50 rebate from the base fare with Visa Checkout!

Can't wait to try it out right? Head to www.visacheckout.com.my and register yourself today!
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