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23 April, 2017

Bali Trip Part 4: Tanah Lot Temple

In a place with such strong influence of Balinese Hindu culture,
visiting temples is definitely a must-do activity in Bali.
Unfortunately our trip was constrained by time, so we could only choose to visit either Uluwatu Temple or Tanah Lot. T_T both are equally scenic, seriously how to choose??

I heard that Uluwatu is great for sunrise, whereas Tanah Lot is famed for sunset. Not sure how true is it, but we decided to visit Tanah Lot in a late afternoon.

The traffic from Kuta to Tanah Lot was insane, because of thousands and thousands of cars travelled there each day. It took us over an hour, thankfully quite smooth and not too hilly. Upon arrival, we got our entrance ticket at only 30,000 Rupiah (Equivalent to a mere RM10). 

It was already very crowded around 4pm, despite of the hot scorching sun. The art and cultural market there was pretty similar to what we saw earlier in Kuta-- fashion booths, street food stalls and small eateries serving the local food.

Oh, I love my Jagung Bakar (Grilled corn)!

The spectacular temple actually sits boldly on the huge rock beside the Indian Ocean since the 16th century. So, standing on high grounds above the ocean gives us a perfectly picturesque view before, during and after sunset.

The place is so huge, and I don't mind walking miles for the beautiful scenery.

The sunset at Tanah Lot was considered quite early, around 5pm. And the view was too picturesque to be missed!!! We skip the Kecak Fire Dance performance, and wait for the dawn to keep fascinating us with different panoramic views of the sky.

Everyone starts to leave around 7pm, and our tour guide recommends us for seafood dinner at Jimbaran, otherwise dining above the ocean can be an unforgettable experience too.

Dear Tanah Lot, thanks for the amazing evening!

Tanah Lot is certainly one of the main highlights of the trip;
If I were given a chance, I'd definitely love to visit this temple again.

Lots of love,

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