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23 September, 2016

[TRAVEL] My Experience of Going Cashless in Vietnam!

Hi guys! If you have been following me on Instagram, I have been posting a lot of pictures for my vacation in Da Nang, Vietnam. ❤ Feel free to read on my previous blog posts of my Da Nang travelogue: 

#1. Romantic Getaway to Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village: HERE
#2. Explore the Hoi An Ancient City: HERE

Can you imagine me going cashless throughout the trip? Yes, it is possible! 

I always love travelling with lesser cash-- Safer and more convenient. This round, I managed to survive eating and shopping in Vietnam with little cash (Vietnamese dong) on hand. How did I do that? From the AirAsia flight and meal booking to overseas shopping, I have been relying on my latest AirAsia BIG Prepaid MasterCard!

What is AirAsia BIG Prepaid MasterCard?

Like any credit / debit cards, you can swipe it at ANY outlets around the world that accept MasterCard. (So do look up for this international MasterCard logo at the shop.) But it functions more like a Debit Card because you have to store money in the BIG Prepaid MasterCard before spending. 

 Worldwide acceptance by all MasterCard merchants (Online / In-store) 
 Widely accepted by more than 35.9 million MasterCard merchants worldwide

Key Features
The main highlight is Multi-Currency Prepaid, meaning that you can pre-load the card with funds in 6 different currencies (MYR, USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and SGD) and use it like a Debit Card.

For example, before my trip, I transferred some ringgits from my bank to this MasterCard and converted it into USD at the prevailing rate. 2 weeks later, the exchange rate rose when I traveled to Vietnam and I am glad to already have a fixed sum of USD in the card.  

 Load, convert and carry up to 6 currencies
❤ Lock-in great exchange rates on and say goodbye to currency fluctuations! 
 Cash withdrawal at over 2 million MasterCard-accepted ATMs
 No interest / late charges 

 Annual fee is waived unconditionally! 

Well, for me, it is great by making my spending more manageable and controllable (No overspending!).

And the best part is....various travel-related benefits for AirAsia flight booking such as: 

 RM2 off every pre-booked meal
 RM2 off every pre-booked baggage
 Gain exclusive access to AirAsia Priority Sales (Zero Fare!!!)
 Zero processing fee for flight bookings
 Earn BIG Points for overseas spending (RM2 = 1 BIG Point) and fly for free! 

My Shopping Experience
In Vietnam, my shopping spree began as soon as I touched down at Da Nang International Airport. Duty-free shops and cafe options are aplenty there, plus most items are denominated in US dollar, hence no hassle for conversion!

Order a cuppa coffee and enjoy zero foreign exchange service fee
when the card is swiped overseas! ❤ 

Apart from the shopping done at the airport, I also find that my AirAsia BIG Prepaid MasterCard is also useful around the town, especially at the local stores and restaurants. Local coffee beans, Vietnamese fashion pieces and handcrafted items are just a swipe away! 

One thing that you should take note of is that BIG Prepaid MasterCard comes in two formats, 
with different card limits (You can only preload to a maximum amount):

#1. BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic 
(For both in-store and online transactions up to RM10.000)
#2. BIG Prepaid MasterCard Virtual
(No physical card. Virtual account can store up to RM1,500)

For BIG Prepaid MasterCard Plastic:
All you need are the personal identification documents (MyKad, Passport, etc) and Utility Bill to apply.
The processing will take up to 14 working days and the card will be delivered to your doorstep.

For BIG Prepaid MasterCard Virtual:
No personal identification documents required. Instant confirmation upon successful application.

AirAsia BIG Prepaid MasterCard is open for all Malaysians, Malaysian PR, and
foreigners with Malaysia's working Visa and valid mailing address.

Just swipe like a Debit Card but it is a safer and more secure option as it is not linked to any bank account.  

You can either keep the receipt for future reference, or for easier and quicker card management,
just manage your account online at

Shopping becomes more fun when I have some partners-in-crime with me throughout the vacation. Whenever I am running out of credit in the MasterCard, I just reload it online using my Maybank2u / CIMB Clicks accounts.

For those who may not have these accounts, reloading methods are aplenty such as:
#1.  Online Banking: FPX
#2.  CIMB ATM or Cash Deposit Machine
#3.  Over-the-counter at BSN or CIMB

My overall experience with BIG Prepaid MasterCard is great-- Safe, convenient and no hassle.
Highly recommended for frequent travelers! 

For more information, please contact TPaay Asia's Customer Care Team at 1300-13-3388 (Local) 
or +603-76629200 (Overseas) from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
Feel free to visit too!


  1. I think that you can do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is excellent blog. An excellent read. I'll certainly be back.
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  2. On website While applying you should make sure that you accurately enter all your personal information- Your Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Nationality, and a valid Passport Number.

  3. Hi, with that multi-currency function, do u still have to pay for the currency conversion fee + other charges?


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