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31 October, 2016

6 Reasons To Use Japanese Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer

Collagen seems to be a magical word for most women eh? We have long heard about collagen for younger-looking skin, but have you ever "feed your hair with collagen" for healthier hair growth and quality?

Well, alot of hair products seem to be able to do the 'magic' of collagen now. But it is my first time hearing about a hair dryer delivering collagen into the hair through blowing!  Interesting eh?

Since it is a new Japanese technology recently brought into Malaysia by, I have gotten myself  my very first Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer from TESCOM!

TESCOM's star product, the world's first Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer

If you have ever visited hair salons in Japan, TESCOM hair electronics such as hair dryer, straightener and curler are widely used in many hair parlours there. From being a "salon's preferred professional hair dryer brand" in Japan, TESCOM has just hit the shore of Malaysia and aims to be the "end consumer's first choice" in hair beauty.

TESCOM's range of hair styling products

In the beauty industry in Taiwan, I remember there was a massive hype about TESCOM products during 2014/2015 in which many beauty gurus and bloggers kept recommending this brand in their videos. 

Hello, TESCOM Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer imported from Japan!

The hairdryer is nicely protected in the air wrap.

❤ Made in Japan
 Color: Dusty Gold 
 Weight: 680g
 Voltage: 220V-240V
 Power: 1350W-1600W
 Ions (Double Energy Ions / Triangle Negative Ions)
 Rich beauty collagen content 
  3 Heat / Speed Settings
  Styling Concentrator
  Scalp Care Mode
 Foldable Handle
 2.0m Power Cord Length Hanging Loop
 Exclusively available online in

Unlike the ordinary hair dryer that "dries up the hair" (Wet hair becomes dry, but loses moisture from within!), this Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer is designed to promote healthy hair growth and scalp protection using its unique technology -- beauty collagen.

When I tell my besties about this amazing hair dryer, they are like, "My current hair dryer costs me less than a hundred ringgit and it is working fine. Why should I pay so much for this TESCOM Hair Dryer?"

Well, if you say so, think again. It's simply because TESCOM does so much more than just drying the hair! Here are some reasons why you should switch to this Japanese hair dryer which you probably can't find in others. 

6 Reasons To Use Japanese Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer
1. Beauty Collagen

Beauty collagen consists of 2 elements: Collagen and negative ions -- which help to:
❤ Create a protective barrier to help retain moisture into hair cuticles
❤ Lesser damage from harmful UV rays 
❤ Reduce excess sebum on the scalp
❤ Reduce color fading and discoloration
❤ Promote bouncy, glossy and healthy hair

The collagen components are produced from the collagen box when exposed to heat. At the nozzle, there are double outlets to emit beauty collagen. The collagen box is detachable, hence refillable every 2 years (based on 15 minutes per blowing session, twice per day). Since I don't usually wash my hair everyday, the collagen content can last me much longer than that! 

On the hair? It feels smoother immediately after drying. Less frizz, more moisture!

2. Extra Scalp Care

It is quite rare to see hair dryers which are suitable for scalp. Usually the heat will damage the scalp, so this Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer has a two-temperature scalp care function mode -- from drying the hair at 120 degree Celsius to gently care for the scalp at 60 degree Celsius.

For chemically treated hair, you can also maintain the temperature at 60 degree Celsius too-- Nothing damaging / overheating for the hair and scalp -- Hence, more lasting colors for dyed hair. 

3. Adjustable Ion Output

With the negative ion control dial, you can adjust the amount of negative ions emitted from the ion outlet depending on the hair / weather condition. When the ions are too low, the indicator will turn red. I always keep it at high level with blue light indicator for the best of the hair.

4. Soft Blowing

It has an air-blow speed control switch with 3 speed levels: Level 1 Care, Level 2 Dry and Level 3 Turbo. It gives me better control and I find it extra useful when styling with the hair dryer. 

5. Cool Shot Switch

Warm and cool strong winds are interchangeable in just a push on the button.
I personally like cold blowing too, as it feels more gentle and soothing to the hair.

6. Portable
Foldable hair dryer saves space on my makeup table, and is convenient for travelling.

Can you see how HUGE is the difference???

On the left, I leave my hair dry naturally after hair wash, whereas on the right, I use TESCOM Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer. I am amazed with the end result-- Perfectly shiny healthy-looking hair despite of the bleached / damaged condition of my hair. 

TESCOM Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer @ RM599.00 RM499.99

GOOD NEWS! ❤ For a limited time, you can enjoy RM100 discount for every purchase of TESCOM Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer on (a Malaysia's B2C online shopping mall where you can purchase almost anything there ranging from IT electronics and gadgets to fashion accessories).

You can opt for delivery or self pick-up at TouchPoint,a physical retail outlet for consumers to self pick up the online purchases. Not only that!!! Maybank2U customers will receive a special gift upon purchasing this product too. 

1. Overall, I love the Beauty Collagen Hair Dryer's overall functionality, high power performance and convenience. Totally impressed with the rich collagen content it delivers to the hair!
2. Ultimate reason of purchase? The hair quality and strength improvement it gives.
3. Rating: 4.5/5. Worth investing in a good hair dryer like this? Definitely, especially those with damaged hair. 

Touchpoint Outlet:
4, Jalan Puteri 2/2,
Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Business Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 8pm
Saturday: 11am - 5pm 
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

Tescom Website:


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