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15 October, 2016

My 5-Step Makeup Routine x THE FACE SHOP

Yay, it's time to update my makeup stash with the latest trending products. 

This month's beauty haul is a full set of THE FACE SHOP products which have just newly arrived at the store not long ago. When browsing on its online store, the Ink Gel Stick was the first to catch my attention (You know girls just can't have enough lipsticks!) then I notice THE FACE SHOP has plenty of nice products which are convenient and easy to use.

They come in handy for everyday quick makeup / touch-up, so I thought of sharing with you girls what are the 5 items I can't live without. Let's check out my version of 5 SUPER easy steps for a day-to-day make-up routine!

On another note, I've tried wearing this makeup during my vacation, and it indeed manages to last for the whole day! Impressive eh?


My make-up routine always begin with foundation/base after the skincare steps. I love using TFS CC Intense Cover Cushion to get that dewy skin in a speedy way. If you love strong coverage, you will definitely love this. Feel free to read my previous blog post to discover more: HERE.

@ RM78.90 (RM83.63 including GST )

But what become increasingly important to me is actually the setting powder! As I wear make-up for long hours, I prefer a more lasting base makeup, and I found that loose powder can really help a lot in touching the skin with its fine powdery texture for a smooth, bright and oil-free complexion.

Base powder is important for a fresh and clear make-up look! 

Instead of using makeup brush to apply the loose powder, I feel that it is more convenient to use a puff as I can always touch up on the go.

The texture: So fine that it can cover fine lines and wrinkles
The feel: Smooth and lightweight on the skin 
The effect: Smooth out the curves and pores, create "blurring effect" 

How To Use: Apply sufficient amount on puff and put lightly pat to increase adherence.

As my T-zone can get quite oily during midday, I'll make sure the powder reaches every corner of the face. Once fully adhered, this mineral cover can last for very long hours, as it contains "Smart Seed" (Mineral-rich ingredients, Hawaiian clay and fermented camomile water) extract for sebum control.

@ RM43.90 (RM46.53 including GST)

For that "3D sculpted face" effect, highlighter is not to be missed. While it can help to highlight the facial curves especially T-zone and C-zone, I prefer applying over cheeks, nose bridge and forehead to enhance the overall radiance.

All thanks to its rich content of "Smart Seed" (Mineral-rich Hawaiian clay and Finland cloudberry seed) extract for improved skin tone and youthful brightness.

How To Use: Apply lightly using puff / face brush against T-zone and C-zone for highlighting effects 
or on forehead, cheeks and jaw area for young-looking make-up.

Remember not to overdo it ya! A light coverage is sufficient, otherwise the skin would appear too shimmery. 

The texture: Powdery smooth 
The feel: Shimmery and lightweight on the skin 
The effect: More defined complexion

@ RM28.90 (RM30.63 including GST)

As for the eye makeup, my brows are fuller than before, thanks to REALASH. But only brow pencil / liner can help to fill the space between brow hairs, so that there will be no more "spaced-out" look on the brows. That's when this Designing Browcara comes in handy...

03 Gray Brown / 05 Dark Brown 

Packaged in sleek dark grey tube with colored caps representing the respective color, it comes in 4 shades to match with current hair trend. Light Brown, Gray Brown, Brown and Dark Brown. So easy to distinguish right?

What so special about this browcara is the pine tree shaped dense mini brush which helps create different styles of eyebrows in terms of volume and shape. Plus, its Cross-Fitting formula allows the product to adhere well on the eyebrows. Personally I prefer Dark Brown shade (as above) to match with my dark hair color. 

The texture: Smooth creamy on the brow
The feel: Lightweight on the skin 
The effect: Natural, vivid finish without smudges / clumps 

What I love about the Designing Mascara? Definitely its ease of use, natural and vivid eyebrow finish. 

(1.5g) @ RM63.90 (RM67.73 including GST) 

As for the lips makeup, usually I'd apply nude shade for a natural day-to-day look. But for special occasions, a highly pigmented lipstick in vibrant shades is a great option. The reason I choose this Ink Gel Stick is because it achieves a balance of what a lip tint, stick and gloss can offer! Amazing eh?
I'm surprised that the Ink Gel Stick is ultra moisturising! The lips will benefit from the nourishment and long-lasting moisture provided by the luxurious Bulgarian Rose Oil Liquid Barrier, along with "Smart Seed" extract:

Safflower seed: Moisture, antioxidant 
Rosehip seed: Moisture, strengthen skin barrier
Plum seed: Moisture

Plus, it uses a"Smart Elevating System"-- where the stick elevates by 0.5mm per rotation, just nice an amount for each use.

OR01 Baby Orange
RD01 Ink Red
PK02 Rose Peony
PK03 Pink Shock
PP02 Talk About Magenta

Out of the 11 vibrant shades, unfortunately I don't see anything coral or nude. But the beautiful spectrum from hot chilli red to rosy pink is great to style your daily look. 

The texture: Ink-smooth texture glides smoothly like a gel 
The feel: Very moist on the lips 
The effect: Instantly coats the lips with brilliant and long-lasting color

Tips: Remember to pick a color close to the blusher, to bring out the harmonious look.

How To Use: Apply straight from the tube to the center of the mouth, then blend out.
For lighter coverage, just dab lightly onto the lips. 

1. Overall, I find that the combination of CC Cover, face powder. highlighter, browcara and gel stick is just perfect for  daily use. So easy to use, and convenient to bring along with. 
2. The price point is pretty affordable while the products are suitable for all ages and skin types.
3. Worth trying if you love Korean-inspired makeup looks!

The new arrivals are now available in all THEFACESHOP outlets and online store.

 For the latest updates of THEFACESHOP, just hop to:

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