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02 October, 2016

Savings Dilemma: Where Does My Money Go?!

Bonjour! If you have been following me on Instagram, I am sure you'd know that I have just came back from vacation. Travelling is fun when I get to stay at luxurious places, enjoy good food, and take a lot of pictures. But the question that one of my followers poses to me is, how much do all these cost? Especially when I am travelling overseas and my itinerary doesn't seem to be a budget traveler's option.

People often say "I have no money for traveling!" But have you ever thought where does your money go every day? Interestingly, I found this realtime expenditure infographic for Malaysians from a savings platform called Cuponation recently and the figures are mind-boggling! 

Imagine Malaysians spend RM23.33 on restaurants and RM5.96 on cigarettes EVERY day, how wasteful is that! And at the end of the day, people still complain about having not enough money to spend. 

How to save money and treat yourself a nice vacation after all the hard work? Well, simple. My principle is very simple-- Save as much as you can during usual days, then plan your trip well and enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

For instance, I try to buy most of the things I need online, from groceries to fashion pieces, because... In the cyberworld, you'd be able to find various saving opportunities. I'd use virtual coupons as much as I can! 

How to hop around cafes inexpensively? Dining vouchers / coupon codes are aplenty online!

I always keep an eye on massive discounts, festive offers, flat sales, exclusive promo codes, and latest promotions from online retailers such as GrabCar, AirAsia, Airbnb, Groupon, Zalora, Pizza Hut, Uber, 11street, Foodpanda, Lelong, Tesco, Amazon etc. I mean, why pay a bomb when you can get stuff at just a fraction of price?

Keep aside the money you save-- make sure you do it everyday-- Then when it comes to travelling, I am sure there would be a handsome sum to spend on a really good, enjoyable trip!

Don't shop at touristy places; Be sure to check out the online deals and do price comparisons beforehand.

If you find it troublesome to check out different websites all the time for various deals, I'd love to share the great news that you don't have to do it one by one! Just get help from saving platforms for coupons on dining, leisure, groceries, tickets, services, and almost anything you can find online. 
Pay less for your needs, save more for your wants,
Less worries about money, more enjoyable moments in life!

P/S: What's your saving tips? Don't forget to share yours with me!

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