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17 December, 2016

PappaRich Set Meal is Only RM9.90?!

Think about Nasi Lemak, Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup, Teh Tarik and the list goes on.... Don't these just sound so familiar to you? We grew up enjoying these classic Malaysian favourites at home, at the roadside stalls, old-school coffee shops and more. As time goes by, old shops are changing hands or closing down, but no worries, you can still find the rich, traditional flavours recreated in PappaRich.

I believe PappaRich is no stranger to you. With over 80 outlets in Malaysia and 30 overseas, we will see the iconic logo of an old man enjoying his coffee almost everywhere we go. Now, it has become Malaysians' favourite place to meet up and tuck into classic Malaysian dishes. 

Amidst the cosy, old-school dark wooden setting, I don't mind spending my afternoon here
whether I am working alone or hanging up with friends.

Recently PappaRich has introduced several light meals to pump your energy level during midday or late evening. From 3pm to 6pm and 9pm to closing hours every week day, Pappa Lite Meal is priced at only RM9.90 including drinks. How amazing is that?! 

Pappa Lite Meal
Weekdays (exclude Public Holiday)
3pm - 6m, 9pm - closing
RM9.90 per set (Main course + Beverage**)

**You can choose from the beverage list below:
Coffee (Hot / Iced)
 Coffee O (Hot / Iced)
Cham (Hot / Iced)
Teh Tarik (Hot)
Teh (Iced)

Nasi Lemak Biasa with Curry Potato

The classic Nasi Lemak, one of the best-selling dishes in PappaRich, is definitely a great deal under the Pappa Lite Meal promotion. Imagine having this sizeable portion of steamed coconut rice with spicy savoury sambal, friend anchovies, curry potato, hard boiled egg and cucumber slices, with a classic cup of coffee for only RM9.90-- How can one resist this?

Wok Fried Mee Hoon with Curry Potato

Same goes to this huge plate of wok-fried mee hoon cooked in high flame loaded with bean sprouts, egg and curry potato. To be honest, the portion is not light at all. It can easily satisfy the appetite of females. And I particularly enjoy the rich eggy aroma and the overall dish is not dry at all! 

Mini Ipoh Kuey Teow Soup with Fish Cake Slices and Friend Beancurd Skin

If you prefer something with soup, perhaps you can try the piping hot bowl of flat rice noodles in chicken soup. Thanks to the generous topping of fish cakes, fried beancurd skin, chives, spring onions and bean sprouts, the combination is extra tummy-comforting. 

Hainan Toast with Butter and Kaya  + 2 Half Boiled Eggs

Personally, my No.1 favourite in PappaRich is always the well-toasted, fluffy bread with thick spread of kaya jam and butter slabs. The rich buttery flavour is simply irresistible upon each crunchy bite of the toast. Dipping the bread into the Omega 3-rich half-boiled eggs, accompanied with soy sauce and pepper is another delicious way of enjoying it. 

Naan with Scrambled Eggs and Cheese

Pappa Rich's signature naan is something similar to the Hainanese bread-- equally well-toasted, crisp on the outside and well-sandwiched with generous fillings. On the inside, the thick layer of scrambled egg, cucumber, tomato, onion slices and melted mozzarella cheese is perfect for egg lovers.

Naan with Chicken Roll and Cheese

But I personally find the egg-filed naan a tad bland, so I prefer juicy, cheesy chicken roll filing instead.
Nevertheless, both are equally filling for the stomach and good to go with classic Teh Tarik.

PappaRich Desserts:
Pappa ABC Special with Ice Cream - Colorful mountain of condiments to cool your hot day
Pappa Cendol - Silky cendol jelly, red beans, coconut milk and gula Melaka piled on a bed of shaved ice
Egg Pudding with Sago - Luscious, creamy and smooth down the throat!
Sago with Gula Melaka - Don't forget the thick drizzle of gula Melaka syrup to sweeten the palate.

After having the Pappa Lite Meal, you can choose to add on different local desserts
(priced individually) to finish off the satisfying meal.

Cat and The Fiddle Cheesecake

And you can now enjoy Singapore's best cheesecake in PappaRich too.
Feel free to read my review on the cheesecake HERE.

For the best of Malaysian food, you just can't go wrong with PappaRich.
Don't forget to keep stalking PappaRich's social media for latest updates!

Instagram: @PappaRich.MY

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  1. Eh quite affordable now eh... I'll give it a try since there's papparich near my office :)


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