24 December, 2016

Review: Correct Your Posture with JONLIVIA Unisex Physio Braces!

Hi! I am back with another fashion shopping haul post! Well, this time it’s more than just fashion, but also combines beauty and health with fashion pieces. Latest addition to my active wear collection is the set of hot pants, sports bra and a posture corrector around the waist and back.

 Jonlivia™ Hotpants S+
"S+" for extra Softness, Stretchability, Slimming and Sweating features.

Jonlivia's best-selling product has always been the multi-functional Hotpants S+, which is great for both indoor and outdoor activities. After undergoing continuous improvements, the third generation now incorporates Jonlivia™ Fabric Technology for a "breathable" comfort and maximum agility -- 100% neoprene, hence highly flexible and completely stretchable. Now I can wear it to the gym! 

JONLIVIA Unisex Physio Braces

You may have heard of this product but little do we know that Jonlivia actually has more! The main item I am eyeing on is actually this posture corrector called the "Physio Braces". As I usually spend more than 12 hours sitting in the office everyday, I really need one to keep my body posture right and healthy. Especially for those who always work on laptops / computers for long hours, the neck tends to be inclined towards the screen with the upper body leaning forward. 

Do you know that, in a long run, such position can cause bone spur? It can be a serious health condition where surgery is required for severe cases. So I get this back / waist supporter for myself, to get my posture back in original shape. 

Let's take a closer look to the product.... The "band" that helps straighten the backside is filled with dotted mesh, making it totally "breathable" and comfortable on the body. It can be worn inside or outside your clothes. 

So.....I guess it's better to start young and correct the posture before it's too late. Physio Braces mainly helps to pull back the shoulders, straighten neck and align spine, maintaining the elegant beauty regardless of whether you are walking or standing.

Specifically, it is useful to:
 Train your body to correct poor posture
 Keep your shoulders back and straight
 Correct scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures
 Relieve posture related back pains, shoulder pains and headaches
 Gain confidence and walk like a model!

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a slimming wear / bust enhancer -- Although it wraps around the back and waist, it probably has very minimal slimming effect.

How To Wear: Wear it like a vest (from behind) then adjust and seal both ends.
(Remember, it should not be too tight ya!)

Personally, I like this posture corrector that fits comfortably on my body, without being too tight or clingy. The material quality is pretty good with airy mesh and gives the body a very firm hold. It may be a little hot to wear an extra layer, but wearing it in the air-conditioned room should be fine.

With the correct posture and body orientation in place,
I can say goodbye to Tiredness after long hours of standing / sitting.

JONLIVIA Woman Clover Sports Bra

What I am also wearing to complete my outfit is Jonlivia's high tech fabric sports bra which provides excellent moisture-wicking feature and maximum padded support for performance. I find that the detailing on the soft-touch fabrication makes it more comfortable, ideal even for long runs / marathons. Plus, I love the back details of the sporty design too. 

My verdict? The overall experience with Jonlivia’s high-quality beauty garments is pretty awesome. 
❤ Can’t wait to explore more of Jonlivia’s collection! 

Jonlivia is the way to go for a healthier and more beautiful you.
Don't forget to check them out for more details:
Contact: +6016-2634410
Email: hello.jonlivia@gmail.com
Facebook: fb.com/jonlivia
Instagram: @jonlivia


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