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03 February, 2017

Afternoon Beauty Date with Maystar : It's Mask Adventure!

Yay! Can I have all the facial masks here?

Special thanks to Maystar for organizing this intimate afternoon high tea date specially for us beauty lovers. As they carry a lot of makeup, skincare, hair and body care products from Japan, Taiwan, Korea (You can find through their online store:, my very first meet-up with them is all about pampering myself with a mask adventure! 

Although short, the mask adventure is pretty fruitful for me as they introduce so many types of masks 
that I have not seen before! The 3 main brands I meet there are The Oozoo, Tsaio and Mediheal.

I love how they make the whole session so interactive and friendly.
The first activity is to create some DIY teddy bear cookies, in order to redeem teddy bear masks.

The teddy bear mask I mean here is Oozoo Bear mask series by The Oozoo, a quirky Korean brand.

This is way too cute to resist, right? We have Oozoo Bear Aurora Illuminating Mask, Black Space Pore Caring Mask and Water-Bang Hydrating Mask to meet the needs of different skin types, retailing at RM18.90 per piece.

Also by The Oozoo, the special repairing mask comes in two types: Face Gold / Silver Foilayer Mask
for moisture and brightening functions respectively, at RM19.90 per piece.

The next section is a "Lucky Shot" activity to win a huge pack of Tsaio facial masks from Taiwan. I heard this brand is slightly more affordable than the earlier one (Each piece is RM8.90), and very popular in Taiwan market. Am excited to try them out! 

The packaging is so cute, as if it is dedicated to every lady out there. 

It comes in 4 main types for different days of the month:
❤ "Girls on Period: Mask
❤ "Stayed Up Late" Mask
❤ Adzuki Beans Water Mask
❤ Scheme of Beauty Mask

The names are so interesting! And each type comes in two variants:
One for normal to dry skin, while another is for normal to oily skin.

The last stop of the day, which I personally find it most interesting among all, is the Beauty Mask Diary making session. Basically, we can fit in any piece of Mediheal Facial Mask and Line Friends Warming Eye Mask into the "pockets" of the diary, to complete the weekly mask pampering regime. 

Look at the goodies form Korea! Mediheal has such a huge variety of Protein Masks to provide firming, soothing, whitening and moisturing effects, whereas the Line Friends' 100% Cotton Sheet Eye Mask reduces puffiness and increases collagen production around the eyes. 

Well, since it's Chinese New Year, the team has prepared a super healthy fruity Yee Sang for us to toss in prosperity! Apart from the masks, that's probably another secret to stay beautiful too. 

Anyway I gotta go try out my new mask collection now, if you'd like to shop for these products, don't forget to head to HAPPY SHOPPING! 


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