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04 February, 2017

Review: CoolSculpting Result after 4 Months

Hi babes! Sorry for the long absence on the update of my CoolSculpting journey with ME Clinic. Many of you have dropped my Facebook / Instagram messages to ask how many times of treatment did I go for etc etc.

Now, here goes a proper update on my fat freezing journey with CoolSculpting.

From the first time I heard of CoolSculpting in ME Clinic, Berjaya Times Square to my first CoolSculpting treatment experience, followed by a post-treatment consultation with Dr. David, it has been a fulfilling 4-month journey with ME Clinic. So yeah, let me share with you the result of the treatment!

The follow-up consultation was supposed to be done after 2 months of the treatment, but my schedule was so tied up that I had no choice but to delay it. Sorry to the nurses in ME Clinic! ❤ Thanks for accommodating to my schedule and willing to get me a nice time slot although I know the doctor is super busy.

During the consultation…

The nurses help to take pictures of the post-treatment area, which is, in my case, the thigh area. Then the brief consultation with the doctor is helpful to follow up on the overall experience and ensure everything is fine.

Overall, it takes less than an hour. I love how ME Clinic organizes such short and sweet follow-up sessions that can easily fit into the hectic schedule of the customers. I know lots of people have posed questions on my CoolSculpting experience.

Here are some of the Q&As, just to answer some of the common questions from you guys:

Q: How many times of CoolSculpting did I go?
A: One time. Only on the upper thigh area. (You can go for several times, for different areas, but the treatment price is counted per session).

Q: How long is each session?
A: As explained in my previous post, each area takes 75 minutes. As for mine, left thigh treatment is 75 minutes, followed by right thigh, meaning 2.5 hours in total including preparation time etc.

Q: How effective is the one-time treatment?
A: VERY effective. After 2-3 months, you can see visible result on the targeted area, within a reduction of 20 to 30% of fat cells in the area. (It may take long for optimal result)

Q: Is the treatment painful?
A: Generally no. Personally, I experience numbness and itchiness within the first month of treatment, and some sharp pains at night (during sleep). But after that period, everything is back to normal.

The Overall Process…

During-treatment process:
Quick, easy to follow and feel at ease. The only discomfort is the numbness for staying in the same position for 75 minutes.

After-treatment process:
Everything is normal, until 2-3 weeks after the treatment, I experience sharp pain at night during sleep for a few days. But then everything returns to normal after that.

Result: Visibly firmer on the sides of the upper thigh. And the hip area appears less ‘bumpy’.

The Result… Before VS After

As promised, CoolSculpting safely and effectively removes 20 to 30% of fat cells in the area treated, but the effect is NOT immediate. It may take 1-2 months, but for my case, perhaps because the fats around my thigh area are more severe, so it takes around 2-3 months for the result to be seen. Plus,the fat elimination through natural body process requires time.

As mine focuses on the hips area, it can be visibly seen that the sides are not "bumpy" and "loose" as before. 

Although the process is slower than usual, I am happy with the result. For those who have not tried CoolSculpting, you should! I’d recommend this fat freezing method to treat the fat areas because:

1. Non-surgical, safe and effective way to remove fats.
2. Extra useful on those areas which are resistant to diet and exercise such as arms, tummy, thigh, chin, etc.
3. No bounceback. Since CoolSculpting helps to freeze fats (so that they become dead cells) and the body eliminates the fats naturally, the fat will be permanently removed.

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