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24 March, 2017

Review: Customised T-shirt from Lightbulb Apparel Online!

Hi! Do you like my new self-designed tee? 

I am pretty excited when Lightbulb Online invited me to its launch event and told me that I can design my own T-shirt and get it printed on the spot there.

Now you can probably guess what does Lightbulb Online do? It is a T-shirt online design platform where you can spill all your creative idea, design and order your custom printed T-shirts anytime anywhere you want.

Well, creativity has no boundaries! The website is very convenient and user-friendly for us to complete a design within minutes. From designing to ordering and paying, it is just few clicks away.

No worries if you are lacking of that creativity juice, the platform also has a number of clip art designs for you to choose from. You can also add your own text and upload personal images on the digital T-shirts during the design process. From the platform, it gives a real view of how would your apparel look like after printing.

We also learn that Lightbulb Online not only prints on T-shirts but also on jackets, jerseys, polo tees and more for individuals, teams and organizations. If you have your own products that require a printing solution, they can help too.

The best part is, there is no minimum order quantity.
You can print one or hundreds of tee, that’s entirely up to you.

Our group photo during the launch event.

Some of the goodies from the fellow sponsors of Lightbulb Online launch.

The owner, Dexter is busy explaining about the shirt printing concept, process, etc.

They have various types of special “colored papers” which will be printed onto the shirt. Some give matte finish while others are more glittery. Silver and gold are the most popular colors so far, as they match perfectly with black tee. As for me, I choose the red glittery color for the wordings on my white tee.

An example of cool clipart that you can put on your tee.

By the way, be sure to measure the size before you pick, because it may give a larger fit for females as it is a unisex tee. As I am wearing XS size for this tee, I feel that it is just nice for me – neither too loose nor tight.

During the launch event, the most anticipated part for me is the shirt printing workshop.
Let's get started with my own customised tee!

First, they print the graphics / wordings I want on the "paper", then cut into the respective shapes.

Then the design will sort of "melt" and adhere onto the shirt when they use the heat press printing machine.

"ohfishiee" is for the back of my tee!

I can also print stuff on the sides of my sleeves, how cool is that?

Ta-daa! My "lifestyle blogger" tee is done! 

Enjoy 15% discount for every order at
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Anyway, it's a pretty fun event with the bloggers and we love our customised tee!

Overall, if you are looking for a combination of great apparel customization and amazing customer service, this is probably something can consider.

For more information about Lightbulb Apparel, please visit:


  1. That's nice tee, babe <3


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