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08 March, 2017

Review: 3CE Duo Color Face Blush Creme de Violette

Today's makeup review is all about the famous Korean brand, 3CE. I believe it is no longer something new to many makeup addicts out there. 3CE has been very popular with its highly pigmented series of lipstick, gloss, blusher and more. 


I am a fan of 3CE lip lacquer which yields excellent colors, but this is my first time of trying out its two-tone face blusher. I have tried blusher in powder, cream, stick, liquid and stain, but what makes me going back to the powder blusher is mainly because of its ease of use.

As compared to other types of blushers in terms of ease of blending, I think even the beginner is able to handle powder blusher well. 3CE's formula focuses on silky, highly pigmented powder that gives the cheeks a radiant, youthful flush.

Each blush contains 2 complementing shades that can be blended together or used separately to create a different makeup look. The shade I pick is Creme de Violette, a sweet lavender orchid duo, which sweetens your complexion with a pale pink and lavender combination.

Swatching on my arm, the finely milled powder glides smoothly onto the skin as it has a soft and smooth texture. 

Creating a Korean look with the Blusher
The technique is to apply the brighter color blush on the cheeks then color the center of the cheekbones with another shade. I choose to blend pink onto the apple of my cheek for a beautiful flush effect, followed by lavender along the cheekbones to give a contoured face and radiant finish.

If you don't want to use it as a blusher, I think it works equally well as an eyeshadow!
Just unleash your creativity and create the sweetest Korean look that you're comfortable with :)

1. I love the texture of the blush powder-- So fine, soft, smooth and does not appear "cakey" on the skin. Blending is almost effortless and it is very convenient for quick touchup on the go.
2. The duo color gives us flexibility to create different radiant, glowing effects on the cheek.
3. However, as the blush is very subtle, applying more of the product is necessary to give a soft yet more prominent complexion. And this tone is more suitable for those with fair skin. 

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