18 March, 2017

Transitioning to PIN and PAY

Living in the 21st century, I am sure most, if not all, of us own at least one Debit / Credit Card. I'm not sure if you noticed but banks have in recent years, changed the ATM card to one with a Debit function. It's so convenient now to have a multi-function card at your disposal. 

Then, Visa payWave, virtually the simplest and quickest form of payment came into being. If you are buying items that are less than RM250, you now have the option to just wave your car at the contactless reader at checkout and be on your merry way! To check if you can use this function, just look for the payWave sign on your card.

Fast forward, we are now at a stage whereby we need to enter a 6-digit PIN instead of signing a print-out when transacting in-store.

Does PIN & PAY sound foreign to you? It's quite simply a secure method of payment that uses a PIN or 6-digit secret code, instead of your signature to authorise payment. Malaysian retailers have switched to PIN & PAY since January 1st, 2017.

All payment cards issued by banks are PIN-enabled now as per mandate by the Central Bank of Malaysia to switch from signature to PIN as the standard for verifying customers at points of sale. 

Here are my travel essentials! How often do you bring your Visa Debit / Credit Card for travelling?

As we know Visa is widely accepted in every country, we can travel the world with a Visa card. I personally prefer to bring a credit card and less cash for safety reasons whenever I travel.  

Before going on holiday, remember to activate your Visa PIN-enabled cards to enjoy smooth, hassle-free payments. If you need to sort out your payment cards, call or visit your nearest bank.
How to use your PIN-enabled card
Step 1: Hand it to the cashier who will swipe or insert it in the terminal
Step 2: Wait for the prompt
Step 3: Key in your PIN and press enter

After 1 July 2017, you will no longer be able to use your payment card at domestic points of sale, if you do not know your PIN (unless you are purchasing something that's not expensive and using Visa payWave), so hurry up and enable your PIN so you can shop and travel with no hassles and inconveniences!

For more information, please
visit http://www.visa.com.my/personal/features/pinandpay.shtml.

*The views expressed here are my own and do not represent views of Visa and associated companies.

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