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12 April, 2017

Jasa Kita Now Brings German Metabo Power Tools into Malaysia

For those who are interested in reliable, premium quality power tools for professional uses, 
this may be something you'll be keen on. 

Jasa Kita and Metabo have recently announced their partnership-- "A Powerful Partnership in 2017"-- to bring us a whole new level of powerful gadgets from Germany. Thanks both for having me at this launch conference, I am able to witness these cool premium quality power tools myself. 

If you are not aware, Jasa Kita specialises in distributing premium quality power tools, electric induction motors, hand tools, automotive battery and other industrial supplies in Malaysia. Some of the brands that you may be familiar with include Devon, SATA, Brook Crompton, Toshiba and GP Automotive Battery.

The German partner, Metabo is established in Nurtingen since 1924 and is now known as an internationally-recognized manufacturer of professional power tools and accessories. Industrial supplies for purposes such as drilling, screwing, sewing, cutting and grinding are Metabo's specialty.

The above picture shows some of the popular Metabo power tools showcased during the conference.

Currently Metabo has over 500-600 types of products in the house! Some of the more popular ones are mitre saw ranges for construction purposes, angle grinders and others to cater for the needs of various industries. 

During the conference, we get to experience how these Metabo powerful tools work wonder on different materials such as wood, metal and cement. As many people emphasize on power strength, efficiency, safety and durability before purchasing a tool, Metabo has conducted several live demonstrations and product testing during the event. 

Now...let's see how durable and strong these tools are... 

One of the showcased products is the Metabo cordless drill / screwdriver. It penetrates the screw through the hard metal surface in just split seconds! 

The process? Safe, quick and easy to use.

Under the Metal and Stainless Steel Processing category, Metabo also produces high quality Bevelling Tool which helps smooth out edges and corners. Plus, it is powered by the Metabo Long-life motor with patented dust protection for long service life.

The result is amazing! No metal dust residue is produced throughout the process,
and the metal piece is nicely smoothed in just a few seconds.

Another demonstration is on sanding work, as Metabo Sander is a light and handy machine for convenient operation.

Similarly, the Metabo Mitre Saw is equally powerful and efficient in operation.
I see the wooden block can be precisely cut in just a couple of seconds.

Here are some of the close-up shots of the power tool solutions offered by Metabo.

If you are looking for professional power tool solutions, Jasa Kita and Metabo will be able to help you.

Jasa Kita products are available in over 500 dealers and wholesalers throughout Malaysia, including hardware and machinery outlets, modern retailers and engineering product supplies companies. They also supply to contractors, Original Equipment Manufacturers and fabricators. 

For more information, please visit:
Jasa Kita website:
Metabo website:


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