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14 April, 2017

Review: MON CHERI Pore Refiner & CC Cover

We love flawless skin complexion with that bright glow, don’t we? Well, beauty camera app can help to do the trick on the pictures but in reality, nobody can help except yourselves. I have always been in search for a solution to the appearance of enlarged open pores on my skin, and recently guess what I have found?

I came across this latest product by Mon Cheri, a French brand, to help achieve that clear skin look. The Lumiere Complexion and Pore Refiner is a new addition to its “Collection De Bouquet” family, as we can see from the beautiful floral design on the product.

Now let's reveal what's inside this lovely Mon Cheri box...
I can finally have my hands on Mon Cheri's two key products for flawless skin - Pore Refiner and CC Cover!

Lumiere Complexion and Pore Refiner (30ml) @ RM110

Product Features
 Magic pore eraser
 Uses marine active ingredient, the Laminaria Ochroleuca Extract which:
 Keep the skin moisturized
 Prep the skin against daily pollution
 Anti photo-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-inflammatory

The pore refiner is used as the first step of my foundation makeup.
It is easy to just twist the cap and squeeze a good amount of the product.

How To Use:
#1 On its own
Apply to clean and moisturized skin. Blend with fingertips on the area of concern.

#2 With makeup
Gently dab onto face and smooth over face evenly. Touch up as required throughout the day.

Texture: ★★★
It has a creamy consistency, slightly thicker than the usual liquid foundation,
but the texture is very fine and easy to blend over the face.

Color: ★★★
Another good thing about it is the one-shade-fits-all feature. The nude tone of this product blends
invisibly into all skin tones. So you just can't go wrong with the shade regardless of your skin tone.

Ease of blending: ★★★
It becomes so effortless to get ready everyday for the soft skin complexion, 
as blending only takes seconds. 

Blurring effect: ★★

Whether we apply it on bare skin or with makeup, it diffuses into the uneven skin texture of the skin, and fills the "gap" on the surface. Although it also helps to remove the appearance of large pores, blur the imperfections and mattify shine on the skin, I find that I need to use alot of the product to conceal my large pores.

Overall verdict? ★★

No doubt it is an "instant pore eraser”/ instant makeup-fix solution to help enhance the complexion. But for my large pore condition, I can't just rely on this pore refiner. Overall, the product helps brighten the skin, reduce dark spots and protect skin from harmful UV rays. 

Mon Cheri Petale CC Cover (g) @ RM135

Product Features
 High coverage
 Non-sticky, non-greasy 
 Weightless and velvety-soft cover
 Sebum-regulating and skin-lightening
 Resistant to UVA/UVB rays (SPF 50+ PA+++)
 Hypoallergenic, paraben-free, non-comedogenic
 Available in 5 natural skin shades: 
Light Pink, Natural Beige, Yellow Beige, Sand Beige, Brown Beige
 Suitable for all skin types

Personally, I don’t usually go out with just the pore eraser on bare face because I need better coverage on the skin. I used to like putting on liquid foundation, but now I opt for CC Cover Foundation instead.

Mon Cheri’s innovative CC Cushion is the latest revolutionary foundation in my collection and I recently start keeping it as a must-have in my cosmetic bag. 

Design: ★★

Design wise, it looks like any other cushions in the marketplace. But this comes with a golden reflective shell case which may add some aesthetic appeal to it.

As I open up the elegant shiny gold case, there is a cushion applicator sitting in it. Then the unique cushion compact package is revealed as soon as I open the inner case. 

Texture: ★★
A light dab on the cushion surface can easily take up a good amount of the product.
Coverage wise, it is very good -- recommended for those who like a matte solid foundation layer.

Ease of use: ★★
Just dab and blend, don't "pull"! It is very easy to use and convenient to bring around wherever we go.

 Color: ★★

The natural beige color is just nice for our Asian skin tone.
But you may wish to apply concealer on targeted spots such as dark eye circles etc.

Overall verdict? ★★
I love how it is able to cover the skin well with an added boost of Vitamin C to protect it against environmental stress and dangerous UVA/UVB rays. 

Another benefit that I love is the ability to hydrate skin with soothing emollients like the Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil anti-aging feature, leaving the skin feeling dewy soft and lustrous finish. 
1. Overall, Mon Cheri's face makeup products are simple, easy to use and effective in giving flawless complexion. ❤ 
2. The combination of Lumiere Complexion and Pore Refiner and Petale CC Cover makes it easier to create a smooth, dewy complexion for the Korean look!

All Mon Cheri products are available in Mon Cheri online store and other physical stores such as TANGS 1 Utama, Robinsons The Gardens Mall, Parkson IOI City Mall, Gurney Plaza Penang and more (Full listing of the outlets can be found on the website).

Website / Online store:

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