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13 May, 2017

Review: THE FACE SHOP Miracle Finish Cushion Foundation: 6 Options for 6 Skin Types

What makes the most important step of your makeup is the perfect foundation; do you agree?

I always believe that the right foundation can solve all of your skin woes. Trust me, the foundation layer which sits on the skin as a “base” can make or break your entire makeup look.

That’s the reason why The Face Shop comes up with 6 different types of Cushion Foundation to cater for your needs!

The recently upgraded packaging gives the Miracle Finish Cushion Foundation a new facelift – something that every girl would look forward to… Because the all-new look is now more elegant than before.

The new packaging features a luxury-sophisticated casing that comes in black and white colors, distinguishing the two collections of foundation cushion:

Miracle Finish Cushion White Collection, featuring 3 types of most popular formula:
 ❤ Oil Control Water Cushion
 ❤ CC Intense Cover Cushion
 ❤ CC Ultra Moist Cushion

Miracle Finish Cushion Black Collection, featuring 3 types of new formula:
 ❤ CC Cooling Cushion
 ❤ CC Long Lasting Cushion
 BB Power Perfection Cushion

To be honest, this is so far the only brand I have come across, which offers so many types of Cushion Foundation formula, each having its own unique function and feature. Now it’s time to try them out…..

As much as I love the different features of the 6 types of Cushion Foundation, I am glad to see that all of them share the same benefits:
      Improve moisture: Thanks to the rich hyaluronic acid content!
     ❤ Lock moisture: The skin-like ceramide is a strong moisture barrier.
     ❤ Prevent aging: Micro-collagens content is great for anti-aging benefits.
     ❤ Denser micro foam: Giving you a fresher, more even application. 
From my past experience, I have tried cushions that are very difficult to apply. The formula shifts to one side and dries easily, and no matter how many times I press, the formula just doesn't adhere to the application. Have you tried that before?

As for The Face Shop's Miracle Finish, it uses high-density foam which has 4 times higher cell density than regular cushions, hence a light dab will be sufficient to get the product out of the foam. The result? Quicker, easier and more even application over face. 

Usually one pack can last me around 4 months, and upon finishing, all you need to get is just the refill pack as the beautiful cover is reusable. In a long run, this certainly helps to save a lot of money and the environment.

On top of that, each variant contains different types of flower extracts, essential oils and flower complex with distinctive benefits which add up to a better foundation formula.


Oil Control Water Cushion SPF50+, PA+++ (15g)
Sebum control + Fresh coverage + Moisture radiance

Coverage: ★★
The light and fresh application gives the skin a matte, powdery finish
but does not help much in concealing my large pores.

Oil control: ★★
Thanks to its real cotton powder, it prevents sebum secretion and maintains refreshing,
bright complexion. The result? Shine-free complexion with zero oil.

Moisturising effect: 
As it reduces sebum secretion, the foundation is drier, hence more matte.

Suitable for: Oily / combination skin type

CC Intense Cover Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++ (15g)
Color tone-up + Excellent coverage + Foundation

Coverage: ★★
Very high coverage and adherence on skin.

Oil control: ★★
The skin does get oily after hours, and touch up is required.

Moisturising effect: ★★
The foundation contains ultra fine molecules of hyaluronic acid for nourishing moisture and lasting comfort and 7 types of flower oil and flower extract for making dry skin dewy and radiant.

Suitable for: Dry skin; or those who want perfect flawless skin with high coverage

CC Ultra Moist Cushion SPF 50+, PA+++ (15g)
Color tone-up + Rich moisture + Foundation

Coverage: ★★
As the foundation is slightly more “wet”, it can partially cover up the imperfections on skin.

Oil control: ★★
The skin does get oily after hours, and touch up is required.

Moisturising effect: ★★
Very rich in deep moisturizing skincare ingredients for dewy, glowing finish.

Suitable for: Very dry skin; or those who want moisturised and radiant skin.

So....which of these most popular variants is your personal favourite?


The Black Collection features Anti-wrinkle + Brightening + Sun Protection care benefits,
on top of the different feature in each variant.

CC Cooling Cushion SPF42 PA+++ (15g)
Color tone-up + Instant moisture + Real cooling

Coverage: ★★
Although the foundation is slightly more “wet”, I find that it covers my dark eye circles and
open pores relatively well. However, frequent touch-up is needed to achieve the dewy look.

Cooling effect: ★★
It has “snow oil” formulation that delivers a refreshing sensation that cools down the heated skin
with plenty of moisture.

Moisturising effect: ★★
Highly moisturizing because it contains 60% of moisture cream and
70% skin conditioning ingredients that infuse into dry skin for a dewy application.

Suitable for: Dry skin; or those who want an instant moisture recharge for skin that is dry from the heat.
CC Long Lasting Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (15g)
Color tone-up + Primer (Makeup fixer)

Coverage: ★★
Excellent coverage! I love the poreless coverage that gives me the flawless, long-lasting complexion with a touch of natural glow. Plus, its “ultra adhesive film” prevents makeup from coming off due to sweat and sebum.

Smoothing effect: ★★
Thanks to the 15% primer content, it provides ultra smooth skin finish and covers the pores well.

Moisturising effect: ★★
Although it does not give as much moisture, nevertheless it is good enough for normal skin type.

Suitable for: Those who want a cushion that stays the same even with frequent retouching.

BB Power Perfection Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ (15g)
BB Regeneration + BB Cover

Coverage: ★★
Strong coverage and able to hide blemishes.

Oil control: 
The coverage and moisturizing benefits are quite balanced, but it can get oily after long hours.

Moisturising effect: ★★★
Contains moisturizing and regenerating ingredients that helps to maintain skin elasticity, yet it is not too “wet” for the skin.

Suitable for: Normal skin type; or those who want a portable version of The Face Shop Power Perfection BB Cream.
1. Overall, I like how The Face Shop Miracle Finish Cushion Foundation comes in different coverage, moisturising and oil-control levels to suit different needs of the skin.
2. Priced affordably, it is an all-in-one foundation for everyday use and sometimes you just don't need anything more than a cushion foundation!
3. For my dry skin, my personal favourite is the CC Intense Cover Cushion, mainly because of its excellent coverage without leaving the skin dry. Especially during beach vacation, the coverage doesn't fail me despite of the hot weather.

The Face Shop Miracle Finish Cushion Foundation is available at RM104.83 nett
in all outlets and e-store:

THE FACE SHOP online store:
THE FACE SHOP nationwide outlets:

Don't forget to check out The Face Shop's latest updates too!


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