12 May, 2017

Chicken Up: "Best Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore" is Here in SS15, Subang Jaya

When we first heard that the “Best Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore” has just landed in Malaysia, we know we gotta check it out!

Chicken Up, a Korean Fried Chicken chain restaurant from Singapore has recently opened its doors in the heart of Subang Jaya, right next to SS15 Courtyard mall. We are surprised to see long queues here since noon till late evening, so what are exactly in Chicken Up that keep customers flooding the restaurant?

The casual interior exudes warmth and comfort for families and friends to hang out anytime here.

The menu is quite extensive, as it offers a wide variety of traditional and contemporary Korean food which we all love. But being first timers here, we just go for the Top 12 Best-selling Food on the menu. Let’s check them out one by one…

Number 1 Must-try Item: Chicken Up Signature Fried Chicken

Ganjang Soya Signature Chicken Wings (4 pieces) @ RM18

The No.1 Signature dish here is the Ganjang Soya Chicken Wings – 4 pieces of crisp deep fried chicken wings dipped in Chicken Up’s special soya sauce. Well-marinated, well-flavoured, juicy, aromatic yet not too salty. No wonder it bags the title of being the “Best Korean Fried Chicken in Singapore”!

Also available in 3 other flavours – Original Crispy (Most basic, simplest flavour), Yangnyum (Sweet and spicy) and Spicy Yangnyum (Hot and spicy) – I’m sure you’d find something that suits your palate.

Yangnyum UP Mega Half Chicken (4 pieces) @ RM28

Those who are feeling peckish may opt for the Mega Half Chicken – a fresh half chicken marinated for over 12 hours and nicely portioned into 4 huge pieces before being cooked with different sauces. To have a feel of the Korean sweet sensation, we opt for the thick, non-spicy Yangnyum sauce.

The sauce coats every bit of the chicken perfectly with sweet flavours!

The resulting taste? A tad sweet for my liking, and it would taste better with a more sticky sweet sauce and more crisp exterior of the chicken.

If you’d love to explore the senses, it also comes in 5 different flavours (Spicy, Original Crispy, Ganjang Soya Sauce, Yangnyum and Spicy Yangnyum).

Bulgogi Fries @ RM26

If you’re not a huge fan of chickens, perhaps you can share the simple Bulgogi Fries with your dining partners. It is a plate of crisp fries loaded with thick chunks of soy-marinated bulgogi beef, onions and spring onions. Being a very popular snack in Korea, I must say, the rich and savoury flavour of Bulgogi Fries is pretty addictive! But remember to eat it quickly before it turns cold / soggy.

Yangpa Bomb @ RM18

Something new that I can find in Chicken Up is the Yangpa Bomb – two crispy golden onion petals served with whipping cream and cheese dipping sauce. Imagine how much effort is made to create a “flower-shaped onion”? Honestly I’m impressed!

Texture wise, it is pretty similar to the fries – Crisp and addictive! But the onion lends a delicious sweet flavour which contrasts well with the savoury sauces. Overall, it is an interesting option for communal sharing.

Snow Squid Topokki @ RM68

Surprise comes one after another. When the sharing platter of spicy Snow Squid Topokki is served, we are totally blown by its beautiful presentation...

Look at the whole deep-fried squid sitting at the centre on a bed of topokki and spicy sauce.

On the ring, we are overwhelmed by the huge amount of kimchi fried rice, delectable seasoned eggs, cream cheese and buttered corn. Be warned that the portion is seriously huge; Recommended for 3-4 pax.

The waiter will then cut the whole squid into smaller pieces and turn on the fire to allow the sauce to boil along with the sides along the ring.

As soon as the egg starts to get cooked, the waiter will quickly stir the egg so that it doesn’t harden.

Special mention about the excellent service level here – I find it pretty good despite of the huge crowd as the waitpersons are well-verse with their own dishes, attentive and chatty too.

As soon as the topokki boils, the spicy sweet flavours of the sauce are well-infused into the squid, creating a fiery sensation upon each crunchy bite of the squid. We also love the chewy soft rice cake, fish cake and vegetable drenched in the sauce, although they can fill our tummy rather quickly.

If you find it too spicy, take a dip into the creamy “snow cheese” to tone down the spiciness.

Melon Bingsu @ RM38

As for the sweet ending of our meal, it is the imported Australian Melon Bingsu that you shouldn’t miss! What’s better than having a refreshing, cooling, and irresistibly sweet treat after a spicy hot meal?

Apart from the crunchy sweet melon balls, I am in love with the creamy milk ice base. Specially made of condensed milk, I find that the shaved ice is smoother and milkier than usual. Delicious!

*Good news for birthday peeps! Enjoy a Signature Melon Bingsu FOR FREE
during your birthday with a minimum spend on RM300 per table.

Oreo Bingsu @ RM28
For those with sweet tooth, Oreo Bingsu is a great option too, if not the Watermelon Bingsu (RM28).

Strawberry Soda and Blue Lime Soda @ RM13 each

We are excited about the unique beverages here as well, both the alcoholic option – Watermelon Soju – and also non-alcoholic ones – “Lightbulb drinks” filled with soda, juice or smoothie. Ours are of Strawberry and Blue Lime flavours; both equally zesty and thirst-quenching. Did I forget to mention that you can bring home the lightbulb bottle too?

1. Overall, it is a family-friendly restaurant for delicious Korean chicken dishes. Great location, interesting modern Korean dining concept, huge portion, and reasonable price
*Do expect an average spending per pax of RM50 or more.
2. Revisit? Yes! I’d definitely be back to try out other recommended ala carte items such as the hearty Ugly Tang, Seafood Spicy Noodle, Mama's Ginseng Chicken Soup and more.
3. Recommended: Ganjang Soya Sauce Chicken Wings, Snow Squid Topokki, Melon Bingsu

Chicken Up Subang Jaya
No.7, 7-1, 7-2 Jalan SS15/4E,
57500 Subang Jaya,
Contact No : 017-5779377
Website: www.chicken-up.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Chicken-Up-Subang-Jaya
Instagram: instagram.com/chickenupmy
Business Hour: 11:30am - 12:00am daily (Last order 11.00pm)


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