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21 May, 2017

Street Churros: Spanish Churro with A Twist @ MyTOWN Shopping Centre, Cheras

The tale of Street Churros all begins with the hype about street food in Korea. Imagine snacking on the sweet, crisp crunchy churro while shopping along the beauty haven of Myeongdong? That sounds like a great idea!

Now, this famous street snack is here in Malaysia – with several outlets at 1 Utama Shopping Mall, IOI City Mall, Berjaya Times Square, Sky Avenue Genting Highlands, MyTown Cheras, and more to come.

Street Churros’ Menu

As we start seeing Street Churros kiosk popping out everywhere in town, there is no way we don’t give it a try right? So we are here at Street Churros outlet in MyTown Shopping Centre, Cheras. This relatively new mall is located in the heart of Cheras, and it’s linked to the biggest IKEA in Malaysia.

For an elevated street food experience, Street Churros’ menu features a wide variety of churros and in fact, first timers would have a hard time choosing what they want because they are spoilt with choices.

You can have the most classic churro coated with sugar, or have it with ice cream or chocolate dip, or even better, fill your churros with chocolate, green tea and more. Enjoy your churros creatively, entirely in your own way!

Always hand-crafted and made-to-order, the churro here is made of fresh dough using traditional Spanish churro recipe. And it is only fried upon order; No re-frying is allowed to ensure the top notch quality food.

Then every churro is added with a twist to give us that “wow” when we bite into our churros.

Street Churros @ RM5.90
Coating: Cinnamon / Chocolate / Cheese 
Dipping (+RM1.90): Chocolate / Cream Cheese / Butterscotch / Blueberry
Set A (+RM6): Add-on latte

The No.1 bestseller is the Street Churro -- a horseshoe-shaped churro which is a symbol of good luck and protection in Spain. For those with sweet tooth, you should try the Cinnamon and Chocolate churro.

Whereas, for those who prefer something savoury, it is best to enjoy the churro
beautifully coated with the finely-powdered cheese. Delicious!

Filling Churros @ RM7.90
Coating: Chocolate / Custard / Cream Cheese
Set B (+RM6): Add-on latte

I personally feel that the Filling Churro is more enjoyable as the creamy filling melts in the mouth as we bite through the crisp piping hot churro. Again, my favourite is the lightly Cream Cheese filled churro, which is slightly more savoury but not overpowering. Good to try even if you may not be a fan of cheese.

Stick Churros (6 sticks) @ RM9.90
*Can choose up to 2 flavours
Coating: Cinnamon / Chocolate / Cheese 
Dipping (+RM1.90): Chocolate / Cream Cheese / Butterscotch / Blueberry
Set C (+RM6): Add-on latte

Well, if you want to try more flavours, then the Stick Churros allow you to mix and match
two different coated churros. Great portion for sharing if you can't finish one on your own.

Churro Fries @ RM7.90
Flavours: Seaweed, Tomato, Sour Cream and Onion

Something interesting I found on the menu is the new Churro Fries, coated with 3 different types of seasonings. All of them are rather savoury and nice to chew if you enjoy the biting pleasure. Unlike the usual French fries, it does not turn soggy even after being left on the table for a while. 

Ice Cream Churros @ RM7.90
Topping (+RM1): Mango / Choco Choco / Choco Berry

When it comes to dessert, hot and cold combination always wins our heart. Dipping the freshly-made hot churro into the vanilla soft serve gives a satisfying cooling sensation without overwhelming the lovely crispiness from the churro. However, I find that toppings such as Mango, Choco Choco and Choco Berry are rather too sweet for my liking.

One of the best-selling Ice Cream Churros -- Choco Berry

O'My Coconut / O'My Mango @ RM9.90

We love the crispy, sweet crunch of the churro and its magical combination of salty and sweet flavours that wow us. It tastes even better when paired with the signature milkshakes here -- Try the O'My Coconut for a creamy sweet concoction of coconut flakes and milk.

Fruit Ade @ RM7.90
Lemon / Passionfruit / Korean Citron
Recommended for those who prefer fun and fresh flavours.

Non-Coffee Beverages @ RM7.90 (Hot) / RM8.90 (Iced)
Green Tea / Chocolate / Milk Tea
Among the variety of latte, Green Tea Latte is highly recommended too.

Life is short, enjoy every bite. 
If you are feeling peckish, just grab a Churro here and then continue your shopping!
I am giving away 10 pieces of 
Street Churros' 20% discount vouchers to 2 lucky winners.

*Vouchers expire on 20 June 2017.
*Can be used in Street Churros MyTOWN Shopping Centre only.
*Not valid wit other promotions.

Just leave a comment below, with the following details:
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*Giveaway period ends on 28 May 2017.
Street Churros
B1.046, Basement 1 Floor,
MyTOWN Shopping Centre,
6, Jalan Cochrane,
Seksyen 90,
Taman Maluri,
55100 Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur. 
Contact: 603-92011099
Street Churros Outlets
1 Utama Shopping Centre, PJ
Lot LG-319A
Contact: 603-89592110

IOI City Mall, Putrajaya
Lot LG-66A
Contact: 603-76810710

Berjaya Times Square, KL
Lot LG-36
Contact: 603-21106210

Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands
Lot T2-12
Contact: 03-61013110


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