27 July, 2017

Looking for Best Finger Spinner for Sale?

Finger spinner is gaining so much popularity lately and I have fries around me looking for best finger spinner for sale. It can be quite addictive for some as it can get you hooked once you start playing.

To be honest, I am not quite a huge fan but I see most online websites selling them so perhaps you’d be interested too?

#1 Fire Wheel Colorful EDC Fidget Metal Spinner (Direct link: HERE)

You know I loveeee colors! And this fire wheel design is pretty unique. I mean, look at those "fire" around the wheel Once you spin it, the color at high speed would be white. That's cool right?

 #2 Mandala Patterned Fidget Spinner with LED Lights (Direct link: HERE)  

Well, if you love something with colorful lights, get one with LED. The Mandala pattern is something we don't usually see. And when it spins, the colorful neon lights are quite fascinating too. Stress reliever? Certainly!
#3 EDC Plastic Printed Fidget Infinity Cube Anti-stress Toy (Direct link: HERE

Also under the "finger spinner" category, I have found this fidgeting cube. Now who say fidget spinner must be round? It can come in a cube form, to help relieve stress and just kill time whenever you are bored. 

So…what do you think about finger spinners? Would love to hear more about your thoughts,
so please feel free to leave your comment below ya.


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