01 July, 2017

Lace Curtains for My Dream Home

Ever since I moved to my new place, I became more and more particular with my home decors especially curtains, bedding and anything relating to fabrics at home. As most parts of the house are surrounded by white walls, it is easier to match with different colored curtains to create different themes around various spaces around me. 

Be it at home, office or any space, good quality curtains should fit into your preferences and aesthetic needs well. Recently I bump into this website called Curtainshomesale where I have found plenty of curtains in different colors, designs, length and style that suit any type of room.

Some of the most popular ones are lace curtains which appear to be more romantic and I wish I can bring some of them home to decorate my space! 

Romantic Solid White Faux Linen Fabric Lace Curtain French Curtain
(Direct Link: HERE)

For example, I am eyeing for this set of romantic solid white French curtain for the living hall / lounge area at home. The solid white faux linen material offers great light and air permeability, hence the space wouldn't appear too dark with this. Especially in the morning, the natural lights coming into the house would be perfectly soft and not harsh at all!

Polyester Romantic Pink Lace Curtain In Princess Style For Girls Room
(Direct Link: HERE)

As for my bedroom, something pink would just be perfect! Don't you agree that every girl has a princess dream? This romantic princess pink room-darkening curtain is just nice to give a soft, relaxing feeling while adding feminine touches into the space. Plus, the floral pattern in jacquard craft along with lace and sequins embellishments make it more romantic-looking. 

Blue Polka Dots and Striped Nautical Lace Curtains
(Direct Link: HERE)

If you prefer something more masculine / neutral, the classical nautical blue striped pattern is a great option. Come with blue polka dots that add more fun to the fabric, you just can't go wrong with the classic combination of blue and white. The cotton/poly blend fabric appears to be thicker, probably reaching over 60% opaque quality, hence ideal if privacy is something you are considering.

For more designs and colors of curtains, you gotta start browsing through Curtainshomesale ane get amazed with the selections yourselves! 


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