21 August, 2017

Beauty Review: Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

I believe every girl has that “snow white” dream in the heart but having fair, translucent glowing skin may not be easy for some. Like myself, I have been staying outdoors for quite a bit lately and my skin condition isn’t making me happy.

So my hunt for whitening products has led me to the discovery of Nanowhite,
a locally-produced comprehensive whitening skincare range.

The Nanowhite Regime.
Nanowhite 4-step range is effective for general maintenance and whitening, suitable for all skin types.

Step 1: Cleanse - Awakening Snow Wash
Step 2: Tone - Refining Treatment Toner
Step 3: Serum -  Dark Spot Corrective Serum
Step 4: Moisten -  Double Action Whitening Gel-Cream

Step 1,2 and 4 are the ‘basics’ that have been well-loved by consumers. To complete the whitening skincare regime, Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum is newly added into the range and used as Step 3.

Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum (30ml)

The *new* Star Product.
Yay, glad to be one of the first to have my hands on the all-new Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum, the “one corrector for your various skin concerns” towards spotless clarity.

Why Serum?
Don't belittle the power of serum! It has smaller molecules that can penetrate deeper into skin. And it contains very high concentration of active ingredients. For better absorption of active ingredients, do not skip the serum in your skincare routine!

The Ingredients.
Simple. 3 unique and powerful whitening ingredients – Nanotechnology, Omega White-C and Natural Extracts – to form a whitening concentrate which helps:

❤ Visibly reduce dark spot intensity, acne scarring and skin discoloration
❤ Brighten and even up skin tone
❤ Improve translucent glow on skin
❤ Enhance skin luminosity
❤ Allow for longer-lasting fairness

How To Use:
After cleansing and toning, apply evenly to your face before applying day/night moisturiser.
Apply another layer over areas with spots.

Upon application ; Before spreading out

Although it is known as a "whitening concentrate", the texture is amazingly lightweight.
Probably one of the lightest serum that I have tried so far.

After spreading out the serum over the skin

It feels smooth and easily spreadable on the skin. Absorption wise, it is super speedy too. No sticky / uncomfortable residue. And it better preps the skin for the next step - day/night cream. Good for my dry, sensitive skin that cannot stand "overly rich products".

Although my skin generally does not have much dark spots / acne scars, I love how the product helps to enhance the overall radiance of skin, brighten and even up my skin tone. But if you have some areas of concern (with spots), remember to apply another layer for maximum effect!

1. Overall, it suits those who need solution for dark spots, acne scars and skin discoloration.
2. Also works well as general maintenance for improved glow and luminosity of the skin.
3. Although the effect may vary on each individual, it is recommended to use the whole series of Nanowhite products for at least 3 months to achieve optimum results as they have been designed to work as a “system”.

Live your life to the brightest with Nanowhite!

Nanowhite products are available in-store and online at
Watsons: www.watsons.com.my or

For more information about Nanowhite, please visit:
Facebook: fb.com/nanowhite
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