25 August, 2017

The Tokyo Restaurant @ ISETAN KL - BEST Cheesecake in Town!

When a real good cheesecake becomes a hot topic in town, curiosity kicks in. It is interesting to find that such a real Japanese restaurant is famed for its cheesecake rather than for its well-executed sushi, tonkatsu and yakiniku. After sampling most items on the dinner menu, I’d say The Tokyo Restaurant is fairly an all-rounder in the fusion Japanese items ranging from sushi rolls to burgers and salad.

The Tokyo Restaurant, 4th Floor at The Table, ISETAN Japan Store KL

“The Table” is like a dining loft, occupying the entire 4th floor of ISETAN The Japan Store in KL as it houses 5 top-notch Japanese restaurants under one roof, so you can try a medley of authentic Japanese food and drinks here. And the most popular one is, by far, The Tokyo Restaurant.

This tastefully designed restaurant bar cum café offers an eclectic ambiance where diners can enjoy a fusion Japanese menu at the dining area overlooking the open kitchen, or take a sip of signature cocktails at the bar, during the day or night.

Note: Be prepared to queue during busy hours i.e. Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Dinner Menu: 6pm - 11pm

The Tokyo Restaurant not only gives a taste of Japanese cuisine, but also a good mix of Western, Chinese, Mexican and Italian. The variety of sushi rolls here is limited but unique – Foie Gras Sushi and Wagyu Aburi Sushi are amongst the premium ones that catch my attention.

Tofu Wakame Seaweed Salad @ RM14

We thought of ordering some basic salads such as the Tofu Salad and signature TTR COBB Salad but never have we expected that the salads will turn out to be so awesome.

The tofu salad is something more of a healthy Japanese style as it is heavily loaded with tofu, wakame seaweed, vegetables and crispy salmon skin. Not forgetting to mention the drizzles of roasted sesame sauce around the platter, with bonito flakes dancing on top.

TTR COBB Salad @ RM14

TTR COBB Salad features a delicious medley of deep fried shrimp, chicken, gorgonzola cheese and summer salad, all topped with generous drizzles of salsa-like "tabasco mayonnaise" that adds a zesty kick to the overall healthy combination. Both salads are great options for light eaters.

Sushi Roll Platter (6 pieces) @ RM38
California Roll, Unagi Eel Sushi and Salmon Ikura Sushi; 2 pieces each

The sushi rolls are mind-blowing! Unlike many Japanese eateries, The Tokyo Restaurant does not have a full-fledged sushi bar serving an extensive range of sashimi and sushi. But the few selections of sushi that they serve here are made perfect – yes, by saying “perfect”, I mean they are all fresh, appealing and taste great.

First timers should go for the trio sushi platter where 3 types of signature sushi are beautifully presented on a platter – Unagi Eel Roll, Salmon Ikura Roll and California Maki. The taste? Absolutely fresh, well-flavoured and delicious combination that you shouldn’t miss. Highly recommended!

Unagi Eel Roll (2 pieces) @ RM14

We just can’t get enough of the Unagi Eel Roll (Yes, they’re just too good!) hence we add an additional portion (2 pieces) to satisfy the unagi cravings. The melty texture of unagi and its thick sauce coating is just irresistible for any unagi fans. I love how the sushi rice is rolled with roasted sesame for an added aroma and texture.

Sashimi Sushi Tacos (2 pieces) @ RM18

We are craving for more sushi but we are done with the rice for now. Hence, we opt for the Sashimi Sushi Tacos, a modern interpretation of sushi by replacing rice with mini pita pockets. The sashimi, again, is melting good and I am amazed by the excellent combination of flavours it creates!

Beef Teriyaki Burger @ RM36
Home-patty with teriyaki sauce served with French fries

I am not a beef person so I may not appreciate the big beef burger – two soft charcoal sesame buns layered with thick beef patty – but it seems that my dining partner is not impressed too. The burger is mediocre, lacking of some juiciness from the patty.

Umami French Fries @ RM14

Unfortunately, the fries served with the burger are disappointing. Hence we opt for something more flavourful. The Umami fries represent an enhanced version of fries, as it is well-seasoned and topped with sprinkles of bonito flakes. The homemade mixed salsa sauce is the bomb! So addictive that I have to ask for another helping of the sauce. 

[MUST ORDER!] 6th Avenue Cheesecake @ RM18

Be warned, this is not an ordinary cheesecake. It achieves that "firm" cake texture, but when the whipped cream slowly sips into the "pores" of the cake, it melts the cake away and turns into creamy, pasty texture. As the rich creamy cheesecake melts in the mouth, strong aroma of milk explodes on the palate - So good, so satisfying especially cheese lovers!

After meal, adjourn to the bar serving cocktails and wines if you feel like chilling a little longer there. It is also common for diners to grab a leisurely drink here before their meal at the other restaurants at The Table.

1. Be prepared for spending at least RM50 per pax, but the food and experience here are totally worth every penny spent.
2. Excellent food quality and taste although the menu may be quite limited for some.
3. The search is over, I can have my most favourite cheesecake here! The Cheesecake is the No.1 must-try item here. Will definitely be back for more, but it’d be even better if I can have a whole cake for my birthday!

The Tokyo Restaurant. Bar & Cafe
4F The Table
ISETAN The Japan Store Kuala Lumpur
LOT 10, No. 50 Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-2119 2622
Business Hours: 11am to 11pm (last order 10pm)


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