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06 September, 2017

Hunting for the Perfect Baby Toys

Time flies really fast and I can’t believe that I have reached the age where people around me are getting married and expecting the little ones, one after another. Nevertheless, it feels exciting to be surrounded by little bundles of joy especially with your close friends, right? But honestly I have no idea on what gift to get for my friend’s baby shower – perhaps baby toys would be the easiest present for babies?

And so yeah I did a little research on baby toys, and I realise there is actually a lot to learn! It needs not be expensive but just make sure it is suitable. So how to pick suitable toys for babies? Here’s a quick guide to do so:-

1. Don’t ever pick overly furry toys.

I know, I know, the easiest toy I can ever find is (obviously) a teddy bear. But actually it is more suitable for infants aged 3 and above. Babies should not be playing with teddy bears because the fur can be dangerous for them as it may choke them or cause breathing difficulties. Well, but if you want to look for their first teddy bear, be sure to find a soft plush cuddly toy with minimal fur/hair.

2. Find something educational!

Yes, education starts as early as the days when the baby is still in the womb. Although babies seem to not understand anything at such a tender age, but making efforts to teach them even at this age would pay off.

For example, you can choose some soft books with easy-to-use, attractive patterns or decorations that are specially designed to catch the attentions of babies. Try reading aloud to the little ones, while turning the pages in front of them; Learning should begin as early as you can.

3. Tickle their senses.

Buying baby toys that comes with sensory features will be helpful to keep your newborns entertained for long hours. It is fun to see the happy reactions of babies when the soft toys tweet and squeak upon being pressed. I am sure such a toy would probably last for months or even years to keep the little ones entertained.

4. Play some music.

How about giving the babies some enjoyment on the ears? Babies love soft music, especially those produced by wind chimes. You can decorate your baby's crib with a cute, colorful wind chime. For example, you can place it on top of the baby cradle where the baby can watch it move slowly and be entertained by the lovely sound everyday before drifting to sleep.

Otherwise, you can also consider any simple musical instruments that stimulate babies’ hearing and keep them engaged.

5. Colour the world of babies!

If you love spoiling the babies like how I do, get a huge playpen and shower them with lots of colorful toys. So long as it provides long moments of entertainment and allows the babies to ‘explore’ their own colorful world, then it is all worth an investment.

Ultimately, you just can’t go wrong with any baby toys which are cheerful, safe to chew, and engaging. Good luck in hunting the perfect baby toys and enjoy your time with the little ones! 

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