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04 November, 2017

Anna Sui Fantasia Welcomes You to the Wonderland!

Let your world of fantasy becomes reality now! 

Enchanted, magical and romantic, it is a dream come true to own a bottle of Anna Sui Fantasia EDT. Special thanks to this renowned American brand, I am invited to the launch party of its latest fragrance, Anna Sui Fantasia.

No doubt Anna Sui Fragrances has been surprising us with enchanting designs and wonderful scents over the years. And Anna Sui Fantasia is yet another love at its first sight -- it exudes colorful magical vibes as it tells the tale of a fantasy of the exotic past in a faraway land, mixed with a dream for a romantic future.

During the launch event, the space is filled with colors, magic and imagination! The best part is, Anna Sui Fantasia fills the air with its woody-fruity-floral scent which smells refreshingly sweet, romantic and girly.

If you are a scent explorer, I am sure you would appreciate the use of pink pomelo potion and spicy pink pepper on the top note of this fragrance which brings out the romantic mystery. The middle note -- sweet and feminine -- is represented by a beautiful floral bouquet with a delicious raspberry praline. Golden cypress and Himalayan cedar wood work great as the base to add a fresh, woodsy touch.

The overall scent is soft, sensual and just so beautiful!

Scent aside, I believe the beautiful enchanting bottle design is to die for! Feminine yet playful, Fantasia’s faceted glass bottle is topped with a precious Gold Unicorn while the body is adorned with a magical forest. It looks super classy, isn't it?

The intricate design of the box (folding carton) is equally amazing too. The unicorn is surrounded by a magical rainbow of stars and flowers, creating a dreamy atmosphere that adds “magic” to the box.

I had great times immersing myself in the fantasy world, crafting my handmade unicorn candle.

Now you know what's for Christmas gift this year, don't you? ❤ Available at the counter from September 2017 onwards, Anna Sui Fantasia EDT comes in 3 sizes: 75ml (RM353), 50ml (RM276) and 30ml (RM205).

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  1. Everything there looks so princessy and unicorn-ish! So pretty the perfume bottle!

  2. Wow! The bottle was so beautiful!! <3


  3. It is very nice that you share this with us. Penny


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