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23 November, 2017

Hui Lau Shan 許留山 New & Exciting Beverages are Here in Malaysia!

Do you remember the "expert of mango desserts", Hui Lau Shan (許留山)?

Currently the largest Hong Kong dessert chain in Malaysia, Hui Lau Shan has always been my favourite when it comes to healthy desserts because its wide range of traditional herbal tea to trendy fresh fruit desserts are all made from fresh ingredients with no preservatives.

True to its mission on “Health, Leisure and Style”, HLS has successfully won the Brand Laureate SMEs Best Brands Award for F&B –The Best Dessert Brand 2013. Also, Central Kitchen of HLS was certified by JAKIM HALAL.

  Fruitpucino Coconut Milk Series
Wow, have you ever tried the combination of salty coconut milk cap with fresh fruits or tea?

This November, Hui Lau Shan Malaysia has launched new beverage menus by introducing Salty Coconut Milk, Fruity Gotcha and Grab Dessert, and the new menus are now available in nationwide Hui Lau Shan Malaysia and Mango Cottage.

Coconut Milk BloCha Series

Mystery Gotcha Series
How about Black goji and Rosemary Gotcha?

GrabDessert Series
And the crowd's favourite Mango with Sago which you can now grab and go :)

Can’t wait to try these new beverages out myself and share with you guys!
For more information, please visit:

Hui Lau Shan Malaysia Fan Page

Mango Cottage by Hui Lau Shan Fan Page

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