01 November, 2017

Taste of Taiwan 台湾の味 @ Bandar Sunway, PJ

Are you a fan of the Taiwanese cuisine? Here's something awesome for you!

Ever since I came back from my Taiwan trip in spring, I have been yearning for a good, hearty bowl of Lu Rou Fan (滷肉飯). Truth to be told, homey Taiwanese food is rare in Malaysia but I am glad to have found this neighbourhood restaurant, 台湾の味 Taste of Taiwan in Sunway.

Located along the same row of My Burger Lab Sunway branch, it is within walking distance from Sunway University. No doubt its prime location has attracted lots of student crowd and working adults, but I guess most importantly, the affordable neighbourhood price is the main reason you can dine here everyday if you study / work nearby.

Lu Rou Fan (鐵路滷肉飯) @ RM9.90

I mean, seriously, where else can you find Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice at less than RM10 in PJ area? It features a delicious medley of Braised Egg, Pickles, Shredded Carrot, Steamed Beans, Sweet Tofu Skin and Lean Minced Meat with pearl white rice buried under them.

Looking at the topping, my first thought is, “Wow, the condiments are more than the rice!”. Taste wise, the braised sauce tastes lighter than usual but I appreciate that it is less oily and less salty to my liking.

I’d call it a healthier version of Lu Rou Fan as compared to those I had in Taiwan. Love it!

Golden Whole Leg Rice (台式鸡腿饭) @ RM16.90

If you prefer something more filling to fuel your day, try the Lu Rou Fan with Whole-Leg Chicken. The rice is generously drizzled with minced meat sauce and served with a similar veggie condiments on the side.

But the show stopper is the richly-flavoured chicken that has a crisp outer perfection
and is packed with fluffy lean meat on the inside. Plus, it does not feel greasy at all!

Taiwanese Egg Roll (台湾肉松蛋餅) @ RM8.90

Taiwanese snack is something you shouldn't miss here too! Eggy fans will rejoice as the omelette rolls here taste better than those I had in Taiwan. On the outside, it feels like having crisp "roti prata" rolled with soft fluffy omelette and flaky meat floss.

Slightly sweet and savoury in taste, it is good to go on its own as a light meal or served for communal sharing. 

Golden Pearl Milk Tea (Cold) (黄金珍奶) @ RM6.50

Of course, no Taiwanese meal is complete without the bubble milk tea. Again, it is not as sweet as those served out there, and I love drinking it without feeling guilty. If you order any main course, you can top up this drink at only RM3.50 to complete the meal.

Taiwanese Fruit Beer

Not a fan of bubble milk tea? How about fruit-infused beer imported exclusively from Taiwan?
I have tried all of them when I was in Taiwan and my favourite is the mango flavour - sweet and refreshingly good!

Not forgetting to mention, the restaurant also offers a wide variety of Taiwanese snacks which you can enjoy at home.

1. The decade-old traditional home-cooked Taiwanese recipe here is surely the winning factor of this restaurant.
2. I personally love the authentic and healthy taste of Taiwan here that literally transports me to Taipei :) 
3. In fact, the menu here has a lot more items that you can explore. I will definitely be back to try the Japanese Omu Rice and 3 Cup Chicken Rice.

*Apart from dine-in and takeaway, Taste of Taiwan offers delivery services too.
Feel free to contact them for more info.

台湾の味 Taste of Taiwan
No. 75, Jalan PJS 11/9, 
(same row as My Burger Lab, opposite Sunway University)
Bandar Sunway,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Facebook: fb.com/tasteoftaiwan
Instagram: @tasteoftw
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm (Mon - Sat)
Closed on Sunday


  1. Greetings from Taiwan! I'm Shana from Taipei and I'm surprised that you mentioned that Taiwanese food is rare in Malaysia. Is it true? Or is it just not much HOMEY Taiwanese food there? I'm curious ;P

  2. This news is the most important thing. Mona


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