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09 December, 2017

Koenigii Nasi Kandar @ Nadayu28, Bandar Sunway

If you love exploring the North, I am sure you have heard of the very popular Nasi Lemak Ong Alor Setar (王咖哩饭) in Kedah which is a hot recommendation in alot of food TV shows. Now we can save a trip from going to Kedah, because the Ong brothers have decided to keep Nasi Lemak Ong’s legacy alive and bring it down to Subang!

From far, you can see its orange signage with black background at the corner lot.

Located in Nadayu 28, Nasi Lemak Ong’s new kid, Koenigii is just a stone throw away from Sunway Pyramid and Sunway University, making it a very convenient dining spot for Sunway city dwellers, office workers and students alike.

At Koenigii, it is the hearty old-fashioned curry that keeps us craving for more.

Using the same recipe created by Mr. Ong 20 years ago in Alor Setar, Koenigii is a modern take of the authentic "nasi kandar" or "nasi royale" restaurant, serving more than 30 types of curries in varying heat degrees and flavours that suit our local Malaysian taste. 

Ambiance wise, it has a more up-scaled nasi kandar restaurant interior in its vibrant shades of yellow and orange. Very hygienic, well-organized and odourless too. 

There is even a private room for diners to have a more intimate dining experience here.
I bet this is the only nasi kandar eatery I have ever been that has such a cool concept!

To order nasi kandar, you'll have to queue at the counter and customise your very own plate of rice and condiments.
As for roti canai, wok fried noodles / rice and drinks, there is another counter that will take your orders separately.

Step 1: Choose Your Rice (White / Yellow)

Between the steaming hot white rice and aromatic yellow rice, of course you should try the latter.
The yellow rice smells so good with the bursting aroma of spices and coconut milk; So delicious!

Step 2: Choose Your Main Dish (Assorted Meat / Seafood)

With more than 30 different types of dishes to choose from, I am sure you're spoilt with choices!
For first timers, the main dishes that you should try are:
Curry Mutton (RM7.50)
Honey Chicken (RM5.50)
Curry Cuttlefish (RM4.50)
Fried Catfish
Curry Squid (RM4.50)

The fried catfish is one of the bestsellers here. So huge in size and ffordably priced!

Step 3: Choose Your Side Dish (Vegetables / Ulam / Egg)

For the sides, you will see plenty of basic items such as the popular Petai and Bamboo Shoot (RM4.50), Cucumber and Pineapple Kerabu (RM1.90) and Popadom (RM1.50).

If there is one thing that you must try here, it would be the Signature Ikan Bilis (Sweet and Spicy Anchovies) (RM1.90) that gives a very addictive crunch and caramelized sweetness to the palate. 

Step 4: Choose Your Curry (Mild / Standard / Medium / Hot / Champion)

After filling up the plate with all the condiments, here comes the best part: The Curry! Available in 5 levels of spiciness, you can pick according to your preference and the staff will mix the right level of spiciness for you.

Interestingly, the Alor Setar style curries here do not contain any coconut milk yet
they achieve the robust aroma and creamy consistency with a spicy kick on the palate.

The curries are freshly prepared everyday, and you'll get a perfect mix of
chicken and seafood based curry (No beef or mutton ya!) for the gravy.

Ta-daa! Here's my version of hearty Nasi Kandar!

With so many types of dishes and curries to choose from, Koenigii Nasi Kandar has the most creative twist I have ever seen! Every mouthful of the rice flooded with creamy sweet and spicy curry sauce is just so stomach comforting for hungry souls. In fact, the curry gravy goes very well with all the condiments. 

Add-on: Choose Your Drinks

Lastly, it's time to wash down the food with some interesting beverages here, ranging from the staple Teh Tarik and juices to the unique ice blended drinks such as Calamansi, Jagung and Lemon Mint Ice Blended (RM6.50 each).

Not a fan of Nasi Kandar? No worries, Koenigii also serves a wide variety of noodles,
fried rice and roti canai to feed your hungry stomach equally well.

1. Koenigii serves absolutely delicious comfort food at its best, ideal for any time of the day be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.
2. If you wanna enjoy great portion at reasonable price in Sunway area, this is one of the best choices available.
3. Try the curries here and you'd definitely come back for more.

Koenigii Nasi Kandar
10A, Nadayu 28 Dagang,
Jalan PJS 11/7,
48250 Bandar Sunway,
 +603-5611 1627
Business Hours: 8am - 12am daily

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