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01 January, 2018

2017 Hair Transformation Journey with Number76

Hello 2018! 

Since this is the first post of the year, it is going to be a thank you post specially dedicated to my hair sponsor, Number76 who has been taking good care of my tresses since October 2015. 

Over the past 2++ years, a lot of you have been asking me which hair saloon do I go everytime. So far, Number76 Starhill Gallery outlet is the only place I go whenever I need a hair cut, color, treatment or styling. Yes, no where else ya...

Personally, I am really thankful to have such a nice Japanese hair saloon to take care of my hair, especially when there is such an amazing team with "magical hands" handling my hair such as Yves, Han, Jeddy etc :) 

October 2015 

Back in October 2015, I was still a student and my hair was really blonde / warm strawberry blonde :P If you wanna see how had my hair transformed from October 2015 till April 2016, please feel free to check out my previous blog post:

June 2016 

*Fast forward to June 2016* Hmmm....why did I go from reddish blonde to dark colored hair? I started my day job in March 2016, so I had to go for darker shades like deep purple, maroon, red, chestnut brown etc. 

August 2016 

September 2016 

January 2017 

I just realise, in 2017, for almost 3 quarters of the year, my hair is red-toned! I love how the fiery red hair actually gives me a sharper look even without makeup. Oh you must be wondering, how can I keep dyeing my color every month / every 2 months without damaging it? 

The hair damage is certainly unavoidable, but for every visit at Number76, I would go for the hair treatment. Some of the highly recommended treatments are Ultrasonic Iron and Global Milbon Smooth hair treatments

If you have super damaged / dry hair (especially after bleaching), then please opt for Ultrasonic Premium treatment because it helps to smooth out the hair, reduce frizz and allow nutrients to deeply penetrate the hair cuticle. 

March 2017 

July 2017 

August 2017 

October 2017 

FYI purple tone usually fades to brown after 1-2 months. Thanks to Han, finally I dare to try out some cool tones. Do you like the pale blue tone on my hair? Personally, this is my favourite color of the year! 

November 2017 

December 2017 

January 2018  

And I'm back to rose pink with a touch of rose gold on the top part (with pink highlights). If you love playing with colors especially the bright ones, I think Number76 is indeed a great option for you. 

Good news for those residing in Johor Bahru! Number76 Paradigm Mall, Johor Bahru has recently opened, so you don't have to travel to KL/Singapore to enjoy a good haircut anymore :) 

Feel free to check out their other outlets here:
KL: Mid Valley, Starhill Gallery, Bangsar and Publika
Singapore: Orchard Gateway
Tokyo: Omotesando

Online Reservation:
Instagram: @number_76

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